19 Cool Denim Accessories That '90s Kids Will Love

There's nothing better than a pair of classic denim that fits you like a glove. No matter what you pair it with, you feel super sexy and ready to take on the world (why isn't there a female superhero in jeans?) — But set aside jeans for a second, denim accessories are truly where it's at. Can I get a hell yeah from the '90s kids?

Though I do love me a perfect pair of denim, jean shopping is the bane of my existence. As a petite girl, everything is way, way too long, no matter how many times I fold them up. Or, you know, the pockets practically sit on my thighs and I've got enough fabric at the end to make a whole new set of pants. Ok, maybe not that much, but you get the point. So finding a pair of good jeans is like striking gold. But what I've come to love about denim the past few years is that it comes in many silhouettes and styles beyond the classic pair of jeans. Denim jackets, vests, and patches are equally as cool.

Everywhere I look in New York City, I'm inspired by a new way to wear denim. Street stylers always make denim jackets look painfully cool, with chic patches and quirky little buttons. And once, I even saw someone pull off a repurposed jean bag. This city is chock full of denim inspo, and I can only hope that one day, I'll be able to rock a jean choker without thinking twice. The point is: The more unexpected way to wear it, the better.

Don't believe me? Just watch (I might have stolen that one from Bruno Mars).

1. The Lunch Tote

Maika Indigo Denim Lunch Tote, $25,

This lunch tote is way cooler than the Trader Joe's plastic bag I use on the reg.

2. The Vest

Genetic Denim Ruff Riders Denim Vest, $49.97,

All denim errthang.

3. The Necklace

Denim Tides Necklace, $188,

This necklace is a bit of a splurge, but it'll stay classic forever.

3. The Detachable Collar

Stefanel Necklace, $48,

Love the embellishments on this one, and you can put it on with any top!

4. The Shoe

Franco Sarto Sphinx Denim Slingbacks, $79,

With a midi skirt, this shoe slays.

5. The Bandana

Lulu's At Your Service Blue Denim Bandana, $12,

Love the idea of tying this under a collared shirt.

6. The Denim Bracelet

DVF Denim Inlay Bangle, $98,

Gold and denim look so good together.

7. The Backpack

Denim Backpack, $20.99,

Once you start carrying a backpack, you'll never go back.

8. The Neck Tie

ASOS Denim Bandana With Mini Fringe Necktie, $8.50,

The fringe really makes this necktie such a beauty.

9. The Cap

Herschel Supply Co. Faded Denim Albert Cap, $35,

I love the subtle fade on this hat.

10. The Pouch

Ralph Lauren Selvedge Denim Pouch, $95,

Makeup, toiletry, period products — You name it, this pouch can carry it all.

11. The Scarf

Barney's New York Denim-Inspired Gauze Scarf, $59,

May not be denim exactly, but it certainly looks like it.

12. The Bag

INC International Concepts Bailie Backpack, $73.99,

Can't say no to a little hardware detail.

13. The Bracelet

Mister Denim Bracelet, $18,

So simple, yet so good.

14. The Headband

Paisley Denim Headwrap, $3.90,

Perfect for summer.

15. The Sneaker

Michael Michael Kors Harlen Sneaker, $125,

So you can wear denim head to toe.

16. The Two Tone Cap

Patrik Ervell Cap, $150,

Why pick one tone if you can pick two?

17. The Classic Jacket

Levi's MLB Denim Trucker Jacket, $108,

Love the patch on this one.

18. Phone Case

Denim-Print Phone Case, $19.99,

Not your average phone case.

19. The Wallet

Diesel Wallet, $90,

So even your credit cards can feel the denim love!

Who knew denim could be so versatile? From wallets, to bags, to neckerchiefs — This fabric really can't be contained. And I couldn't be happier about that.