Gorgeous Bralettes To Rock Under Your Tank Top

A flash of color or lace catches your eye and you wonder what’s peeking out from underneath that trendy gal’s tank top. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a fancy bra, but if it’s paired with a particularly low cut tank, it’s likely a beautiful bralette. CNBC reported recently on the rising popularity of bralettes explaining that they are " becoming a must-have item in young women's wardrobes.” These comfy bra alternatives are not only eye-catching and worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner, but they’re also fully functional and supportive too.

Due to the usually little (or zero) padding used in bralettes, the wearer’s natural breast shape shines through. This is a blessing, because showing off your natural body is a positive step in the right direction to helping you feel more confident with the skin you’re in and less pressured to fit Western society’s beauty ideal of sporting perfectly rounded, perky breasts, if that’s just not your cup of tea. So if you're tired of being stabbed by escaped underwire, constantly drowning in padding, or feeling generally encumbered by heavily structured bras, here are some beautiful bralettes to wear under your tank top this spring/summer.

1. The Gingham Bralette

Retro Style Frilly Gingham Bralette, $21, Etsy

Gingham is a classic spring/summer print. There's likely nothing more summery than a gingham print bralette peeking out from under your tank top. Available in sizes XS to XXL.

2. The Classic Black Style

Lace Bralette With Ruffle, $37, Hips & Curves

When it comes to lingerie, black lace will always slay in the style stakes.

3. The Pouty Print

Out From Under Avery Bralette, $10, Urban Outfitters

If you're searching for something a little kitsch, this lip print bralette will look awesome underneath a plain white or black tank.

4. The Raspberry Bralette

Lace Bralette With T-Back, $40, Hips & Curves

For a super feminine aura, wear this girly, raspberry hued lace bralette to juxtapose against a masculine tank top.

5. The Ethereal Style

Doily Parton Lace Bra, $38, Nasty Gal

This luxe bralette is given a modern twist with criss-crossed straps across the front, making it equal parts ethereal and contemporary.

6. The Sky Blue Bralette

Crop Lace Bralette, $29, Torrid

This sky blue bralette will add a pretty pop of color to a monochrome tank.

7. The Floral Print

Hanky Panky Elsa Retro Bralette, $104, Asos

This blooming marvellous design makes for a great segue into the world of bralettes with its pad free cups with the addition of underwire support.

8. The Strappy Style

Strappy Lace Bralette, $35, Torrid

Curvy gals who have grown bored of normal bras are sure to love this edgy, strappy bralette in a vibrant teal shade.

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9. The Soft Bondage Bralette

Lace Eyelet Bralette, $45, Topshop

Hard and soft elements combine in this pretty, lace bra adorned with eyelet embellishments across the chest.

10. The Show-Stopping Scarlet Style

Lace Bralette, $35, Hips & Curves

This plus size, red bralette will add a touch of romance to any outfit.

11. The Peek-A-Boo Bralette

Dearest Dreams Bralette, $30, Mod Cloth

This sophisticated, scalloped edge bralette will make any ensemble look decadent.

12. The Alluring Style

Cross Dye Crop Lace Bralette, $25, Torrid

Hot pink and black always make for an eye-catching color combo. So make everyone look twice with this mesmerizingly pretty bralette.

13. The Ruffled Bralette

Samantha Chang Ruffled Bralette, $75, Anthropologie

This ruffled bralette makes an enchanting statement, whether it be worn with clothes or without.

14. The Space Babe Bralette

Holographic Bralette, $39, Etsy

Give off some extra terrestrial vibes in a holographic bralette that's available in US sizes 30AA to 36DD.

15. The Stripy Bralette

Karina Bralette, $38, Free People

This charming, stripy bralette will work wonders when worn with a dropped armhole vest.

16. The Racerback Bralette

Cross Dye Lace Racerback Bralette, $26, Torrid

Want to look fancy while rocking a racerback? Now you can with this divine lacy bralette.

17. The Velvet Bralette

Crushed Velvet Longline Bralette, $43, Etsy

Who says that velvet is reserved solely for autumn/winter? Forge your own fashion path and break down fashion "rules" with a velvet bralette. Available in sizes XXS to XXL.

Ditch overly padded and structured bras for beautiful bralettes that help you to feel like yourself again.

Images: Courtesy Brands