Is The Biebs' Face Tattoo Real?

Face tattoos are rather rare, even for serious ink collectors. That didn't stop a certain pop stop from getting one! Justin Bieber got a face tattoo this weekend and of course the Internet and Beliebers lost their collective minds over the singer adding ink to his handsome face. The Biebs has steadily increased his tattoo collection over the past few years, getting everything from full sleeves to wings on the back of his neck. Bieber inked his face with a tiny cross near the corner of his eye. Of course my first thought was, "Is it real?"

Update: Justin Bieber's face tattoo was only temporary, according to a photo he uploaded a photo to Instagram on Monday night.

Yes, the Justin Bieber face tattoo is indeed real! This shouldn't surprise fans and haters.

As Us Weekly notes, Bieber spoke to GQ earlier this year and while he said he wasn't planning to get a face tattoo any time soon, he suggested he might do so when he is older. The singer reportedly said that he'd consider face ink later in life, "maybe, like, forties or fifties or something. He also mused, "... if they’re done right, they could be cool, but nothing supercrazy all over the face."

While some Beliebers were not stoked about their hero getting a face tattoo in NYC on May 6, his artist Jonboy spoke out about the tattoo's meaning, saying, "Justin came in last night and decided on a small cross near the corner of his eye. It represents his journey in finding purpose with God."

Observe the tattoo below.

The ink, like the struggle, is real and it's of religious significance. It's not a joke-like or a silly tattoo. It's also not April Fool's Day anymore, people! Maybe then I might further question the validity. Unless, of course, the singer felt like trolling us all with a temporary etching. But why would he or Jonboy bother?

Also, according to Us, The Biebs' good friend Joe Termini also got a matching tattoo with him. Therefore, the facial tattoo connects the singer with someone to whom he is close, further deepening its meaning.

The Biebs has been very vocal about his relationship with God and even has a Jesus tattoo on the back of one of his calves. His new album is called Purpose, so it all makes sense.

Some fans seemed to soften to the tattoo upon learning more about it.

It's not all hate!

However, some fans were quite unhappy about the facial inking.

Responses were mixed.

You can't please everyone.

So while the face is rather rare real estate for tattoos, Bieber just got one for quite a powerful reason. Don't hate on him for that.

Image: Justin Bieber/Instagram (1)