Turns Out Grandmas Can Contour Too

Have you met Glam-ma yet? 80-year old Livia Mulac happens to have a talented makeup artist for a granddaughter. Tea Flego has made her octogenarian grandma into one of her latest models (and a viral star) — seriously, this grandma's contouring transformation is amazing. Together, grandmother and granddaughter have taken makeovers to a new level — and the results are pretty darn astounding.

Croatian makeup artist Flego has taken to featuring her Internet-famous grandmother on her Instagram account — there are a few short video clips showing her transformation, as well as a few pretty jaw-dropping before-and-afters. It's all pretty astounding: after all, Grandma Livia is a bonafide octogenarian — though with the help of some next-level contouring (and some major false lashes of course), she easily looks a couple of decades younger — and, of course, 100 percent capital-f Fabulous. Add in a bold statement lip, and you've got yourself a very winning look.

Aside from her viral transformation, Mulac seems to be, in most ways, your typical grandma — though, as Flego pointed out to Buzzfeed, "She is the kind of grandma that was and is modern... She likes to joke, she is really kind and friendly, and recognizes beautiful stuff."

Pretty astounding, right? As Grandma Livia herself said, "Holy crap." Flego joked that her grandmother was pretty shocked by the transformation — but has enjoyed the Internet fame that has come with it (as well as the blurring of her wrinkles). Mulac herself explained quite poignantly to ABC News, "How beautiful it is to travel the whole world and not to set a step away from my nursing home."

It all makes for quite the inspiring message — after all, Grandma Livia enjoys her new makeup habit a fun change of pace.

As Flego explained to Buzzfeed, "She is not ashamed of her wrinkles and age. But she says, ‘Why wouldn’t I go to the nursing home ball with full makeup and look 30 years younger?’"

Images: teaflego/Instagram