How Prom Prepared You For Adulthood

It's prom season again, and if you're in your 20s, then that probably feels like it was so long ago (who else feels kind of old right now?). But even though you might be totally out of touch with your high school self at this point, if you think about it, getting ready for prom totally prepared you for adulthood. I mean, there's so many life lessons to take from it that you probably didn't even realize at the time, but absolutely swear by now.

TBH, getting ready for prom might have been more fun than prom was itself. You spent weeks (or maybe months) planning, you got an entire day to pamper yourself, and it seemed like nothing was off limits or too extreme. It was prom, after all, which at the time, seemed almost more important than your future wedding day. For reals.

But in all the glitter, hairspray, and spray tan hooplah, you were learning a handful of very valuable lessons that prepared you for adulthood. You may not have recognized their importance at the time (you were too busy updating your AIM away message and MySpace profile picture, of course), but these things have gotten you through some pretty stressful situations.

1. Planning Ahead Is So Important

The struggle of shopping for a dress the week before prom and realizing all the good ones were gone was so real. As in life, you could never procrastinate with prom. You had to find your dress, shoes, book a restaurant, book your limo, etc. a month or more in advance to make sure you got everything you wanted to make your night perfect. In your adulthood, if you have a special occasion and want a reservation somewhere, or need the perfect dress for your friend's wedding, or want to score cheap airline tickets for your summer vacation — start early.

2. Asking For Hair & Makeup Help Is Never A Bad Idea

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Not that you want to pay for blowouts or professional makeup on the regs, but if you have an important event, it's totally OK to spend the money and leave it up to the pros. In my case, they'd do a better job, but even if you trust your skills, it's just one less thing you have to stress about. You deserve some pampering, after all.

3. Test Runs Are Key

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Don't leave it up to that day to try out hairstyles — what if you spend all that time curling your hair and it turns out wrong and you hate it? Nail down the perfect hairstyle and makeup ahead of time, so you avoid beauty fiascos and wasting time the day of an event.

4. If The Shoe Doesn't Fit, Don't Wear It

Not like I actually always heed this one, but if you learned anything from prom, it's that when the dancing started, the heels came off. If your shoes are totally uncomfortable and will cause blisters, you can't walk in them, or they're just downright painful, then choose another pair. Even if they're cute. Even if they're your highest heels and you want to feel tall. Comfort always wins.

5. Everything Is Better With Friends

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Getting ready alone was fine, but with a group of your girlfriends? Totally next-level.

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6. Always Carry Essentials With You In Case Of Emergency

Your lipstick will inevitably rub off, your eyeliner will smear, and you may need to touch up your foundation, so always make sure you have essentials with you for touch-ups.

7. Don't Stress

Events like prom are supposed to be fun, so try not to stress if things go awry and just roll with the punches. It feels like high school will be remembered forever, but believe me, six months later no one will care or even remember that night, and the same is true now. Enjoy what you can, and realize that any bumps along the road with inevitably be forgotten.

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