The Plus Size Wide Leg Pants You Need For Spring

For me, summer style means getting as naked as I possibly can without being charged with public indecency, but the fashion world has seemingly dictated that wide leg pants are going to be a summer staple this year. So where can you find the perfect plus size wide leg pants to represent this extremely current trend?

Luckily, most retail stores are one step ahead of us with their vast range of wide leg pants, culottes, and shorts to keep all us plus sizers stylish and comfortable this spring and summer season. That's right: comfortable. The sartorial universe has finally pulled through for our thick thighs — making this a summer devoid of chub rub and full of light, fashionable pants that'll still whip up a breeze around our legs while keeping a safety net of material between any chafing zones.

Although you may still be rocking a few pairs of wide leg trousers from your winter wardrobe, the summer wide leg pant is an entirely different creature. Occasionally cropped, mostly linen, and covered in bright colors or fun patterns, these wide leg bottoms will never make you feel overdressed, but will keep you killing it in the summer sunshine. So get shopping and get ahead of this trend before all the good styles sell out. Here are 11 places to start.

1. A Bit Of Blush

Longline Culotte in Crepe, $33, ASOS

In a gorgeous muted pink tone, this neutral-ish color will keep the hues of your summer wardrobe as chic as the dark tones of your winter one.

2. Funky Florals

Printed Pants by Melissa McCarthy, $98, Lane Bryant

As part of Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 range for Lane Bryant, these bold printed pants will be the perfect summer statement piece.

3. Colonel Mustard

Mustard Yellow Wide Leg Trousers, $85, Evans USA

These are less ridiculous than a bright yellow, but still a bright enough color to let everyone know you're open to changing it up for the summer months.

4. A Gift From Me To You

Paper Bag Waist Linen Culotte, $65, Lane Bryant

Save yourself the hassle of choosing a belt with these bow tie culottes.

5. Show A Little Leg

Wide Leg Side Split Trouser, $35, Boohoo

As shown here, wearing a trouser doesn't mean you have to be totally covered up.

6. Cool Coral

Wide Leg Crepe Pants, $26, Fashion to Figure

If there's ever a time for a statement color pant, it's summer, right?

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7. Bluetiful

Crop Wide Leg Pants In Navy Blue, $46, ASOS

A cropped trouser is the perfect balance between culotte and pant.

8. Something Spotty

Polka Dot Print Wide Leg Trousers, $37, Yours Clothing

Because everybody loves polka dots.

9. A Chic Print

Baroque Print Wide Leg Pants, $16, Forever21

If you're not one for bright colors or patterns, these black and white pants might be what you were always looking for.

10. Stripes For Days

Navy Striped Wide Leg Trousers, $50, Evans USA

Is there anything chicer than a simple stripe?

11. Undoubtedly Summery

Blue & Coral Tile Print Palazzo Trousers, $19, Yours Clothing

I'm sorry, but this is definitely the summeriest print I've seen in my life. You need to invest.

Hopefully this array of wide leg pants has been varied enough to suit anybody's style, while also fitting in with the demands of the trend-cycling fashion world.

Images: Courtesy Brands