Kaitlyn Bristowe Just Launched A Collection

After back-to-back runs on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the respective Season 19/Season 11 star has been quite busy. In other words, she knows how to strike when the iron's hot, because get this: former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe is launching a collection, and it includes much more than just apparel.

The new collection dropped today, and it includes T-shirts, tank tops, mugs, water bottles, as well as a print range. She co-designed thfase collection with Louisville-based designer/blogger Chelcey Tate, and both parties have gushed over their excitement for the new collaboration via social media — as Bristowe posted on Instagram, "We're launching a collection of prints, apparel + drink ware that we're both really proud of."

The aforementioned prints, apparel, and drinkware all come emblazoned with cute little phrases that we can all relate to, such as "The snuggle is real," "Messy bun + get 'er done," and "The little engine that literally couldn't even," as well as plain-spoken old standbys like "Drink more wine," and "Haters gonna hate." All the different phrases come printed in eye-catching hand-lettered designs created by Tate, and some even come adorned with little illustrations. All in all, it makes for quite the relaxed and wearable collection — perfect for a chic outing at the gym, or thematically, watching The Bachelorette with your friends.

All in all, it seems like quite the match made in heaven between a reality TV star and a graphic designer — their collection has a fun, lowkey vibe. Let's take a look at some of their must-haves.

Haters Gonna Hate Print

Haters Gonna Hate Print, $14,

Well, it is a truth universally acknowledged (that haters gonna hate).

Messy Bun Tee

Messy Bun Tee, $28,

Sometimes, there's nothing better than a casual screen-printed gray v-neck t-shirt.

Mug Life

Mug Life, $18,

Okay, this mug is made for cute IG posts and the accompanied with the hashtag, #muglife.

Pretty cute, right? This isn't the first we've heard of Bristowe's fashion aspirationsshe also collaborated Shop State of Grace several months ago. Similar to her new capsule collection with Tate, the line featured a few pithy witty phrases screen printed onto T-shirts, tanks and sweats, the best of which included a double nod to her twin loves of The Bachelor and wine: "Will you accept this rosé?"

Images: Haaken Reed