Should You Wear Heels To Graduation?

Ah, the age old question: To wear heels, or not to wear heels? It's a conundrum that continues to confound, especially where special events are concerned. So should you wear heels to graduation? Let's discuss — after all, there a lot of pros (such as looking fabulous) and cons (such as the dreaded possibility of tripping during the processional) to take into consideration. Plus, above all else, graduation is a huge life event, and if style's kind of your thing, you're going to want to dress accordingly.

First off, what's your venue like? If you go to a big school, and you're going to have to stand while every single last name is read... well, you might want to go with flats (or comfy heels, at least). Also, if you're looking at a long walk across the grassy football field? Flats might be your go-to here as well, unless you want to aerate the lawn with your stilettos.

There's also your stylish graduation ensemble to take into account — some outfits are really kicked up to the next level by an eye-catching set of silver pumps (or seasonally-appropriate sandals), while others do just as well with a practical pair of flats. That said, while 5-inch stilettos look good with just about everything, they're still something you might want to avoid on graduation day (because of the aforementioned tripping scenario).

There are also compromises out there — I consider myself fairly stylish, but I'm also more into comfort than the whole "beauty is pain" thing, so I went for fun-yet-sensible sandals with a 2 1/2-inch stacked heel. Wedges or platforms are another great way to split the difference.

Clothes aside, though, it's also important to remember your robes, which you'll be wearing for most of the biggest photo ops of the day. After all, graduation robes have a very distinct look, and no pair of shoes (no matter how stylish) will change it. My alma mater, for example, is famous for their sea foam green robes, which let me tell you, adds a whole other wrench into the equation when it comes working out a matching ensemble.

Now, that's not to say I'm advocating matching your shoes to your mortarboard and robes, but it's definitely something worth considering. After all, the ultra-fab statement platforms you've been eyeing for weeks might not exactly set off your robes to best effect — but then again, you do you: This is your day, and if you want to wear ultra-fab statement platforms, then by golly, wear your ultra-fab statement platforms.

Actually, that sentiment works as a good answer to the age-old question of whether or not to wear heels. If you like them, and they make you feel fancy, wear them. If they pinch your toes after a long day of standing and waiting for your name to be called... well, maybe ditch them for something more sensible. Either way, the path you take is up to you.

Just like the rest of your life. (Cue the evil, post-grad laughter here).

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