Chic Handbags To Bring To Graduation

If you're reading this, it probably means you haven't got your graduation outfit in the bag yet. Of course, you may have your clothes planned, pressed, and hanging in your closet along with the perfect shoes for graduation, but what about your handbag? Although it's arguably one of the most important parts of your attire – aside from your cap and gown, obviously — choosing a suitable handbag for graduation can be completely forgotten. You could be left sporting your old faithful, formal clutch bag that clashes with your school colors, or have to borrow a slightly outdated purse from your mom. But remember, like everything else you wear on your graduation day, your handbag will be forever immortalized in your photographs. It could possibly be on show more than the majority of your ensemble, as graduation gowns have a tendency to swamp the rest of your outfit.

The trouble with finding the ideal bag for graduation is that it needs to be formal, functional, and possibly fashionable if you like to stay in-keeping with current trends. Depending on what you require, your graduation handbag might need to be large enough to fit your essentials in, while also looking elegant – which is quite a tall order for an item that, at first, seemed rather insignificant. So here are some graduation worthy handbags to fit most budgets, along with a variety of tastes, so that you won't be caught on camera lugging a huge tote bag around.

1. The Clear Heart Clutch

Skinnydip London Find It In Your Heart Clear Clutch, $58, Nasty Gal

The exterior of this cutesy, clear clutch is filled with glitter and heart shaped sequins – it's the ultimate celebration bag.

2. The Bejeweled Clutch

ALDO Black & Metallic Beaded Box Clutch Bag, $63, ASOS

If you're wanting something super fancy, this bejewelled box clutch will make your dreams come true.

3. The Subtle Bling

Bree- Navy Jewled Brooch Clutch, $95, Dune London

For a touch of subtle sparkle, you'll be needing this navy clutch that features a statement brooch.

4. The No Fuss Phone Purse

Suedette Tassel Phone Purse Red, $20.40, Miss Guided US

Low maintenance gals who literally just want to take their phone and their money to graduation will love this quirky, red phone purse. It comes complete with a little tassel that mimics the one on your mortar board too.

5. The Tiny Handbag

Drew LG, $90, Matt & Nat

If you can't quite manage with just a phone purse, this adorable, tiny shoulder bag could be the one for you.

6. The Cylindrical Clutch

Chain Handle Cylinder Clutch Bag, $42.50, Miss Guided US

Quirky folks who are searching for something a little different are bound to be drawn to this edgy, cylinder shaped bag.

7. The Ladylike Bag

Tinybow Mini Bow Crosshatch Leather Shopper Bag, $249, Ted Baker

Pick this lovely lilac handbag to give your look some feminine charm.

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8. The Sequin Style

New Look Sequin Stripe Clutch, $33, ASOS

Everything's better with a little sparkle – your graduation gown included!

9. The Flower Power Clutch

Asos Occasion Floral Embellished Clutch Bag, $62, ASOS

There's nothing more fitting for a spring/summer graduation than florals. If you've missed out on a flowery outfit, add some blooms to your ensemble with this embellished clutch.

10. The Bucket Bag

Sora, $75, Matt & Nat

If formal events aren't your bag, perhaps this cool, black bucket bag is.

11. The Color Pop Clutch

Co-ord Jewel Clutch Bag with Wrist Strap, $41, ASOS

Graduation day can come across a little morbid, with most folks dressed mainly in black, so add a splash of color to your outfit with bright accessories to stand out from the crowd.

12. The Star Clutch

Cooperative Suede Stars Clutch, $49, Urban Outfitters

You're sure to feel like a star for the day, so let your personality shine through with this kooky clutch.

13. The 'Relax' Bag

Small Trunk Relax, $1,695, Edie Parker

Take heed from this Edie Parker handbag and don't forget to relax on your big day! Don't sweat the small stuff.

Whatever style you choose, your graduation handbag has got to work for you. So make your choice memorable and pick something that won't make you cringe in years to come!

Images: Courtesy Brands