How To Copy Beyonce's Blonde Locks

Beyonce is a bombshell blonde, y'all. While we witnessed numerous Bey hairstyles, thanks to Lemonade, Queen B is taking one signature look on tour with her. With the help of celebrity hair stylist Rita Hazan, Beyonce debuted new blonde hair for her Formation Tour, and if you're wondering how she achieved it, I can tell you exactly how.

Beyonce has been a longtime blonde for good reason — she looks killer with her light hue and is really feelin' herself in this shade. Like I said, the hairstylist responsible for this transformation is Rita Hazan. According to a press release, Hazan said Bey wanted a "lighter and brighter" look compared to when we saw her last at the Met Gala, when her hair was a warm caramel brown. Hazan put in "lemon and golden" shades to create a look that would stand out on stage (and keep inline with the Lemonade theme). Hey, when it comes to Beyonce, nothing is by accident.

"It's bright, it's sexy, it's fun — it's a great summer color!" said Hazan. Hazan left Bey's roots brown to add some depth, and went for extra light, bright, and baby blonde highlights around her face to frame its greatness.

"I love Beyonce blonde," said Hazan. "It really stands out. The color is classic Beyonce — when she's whipping her hair around and dancing, you can see the multi-dimensional blonde colors."

So are you ready to go blonde this summer? According to Hazan, these products are exactly what Bey uses to maintain her fresh and fierce locks.

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It's not always easy going this light in one sitting, so treat your tresses with products made for color. These nourishing products are good enough for Beyonce and come with a super affordable price tag, so stretch your salon visits with the same products Bey swears by.

Image: Courtesy of brands