7 Baby Yeezy Alternatives That'll Make You Squee

Perhaps you've already heard that Adidas is releasing Baby Yeezys this summer for the reported "kost" of $120 a pair. That price sounds a little steep, especially for a pair of sneaks that the stylish kid in your life will outgrow anyway, am I right? If you're like me, you're probably thinking of alternatives to the Baby Yeezy sneakers that are just a little (OK, a lot) more wallet-friendly.

Look there are so many things that you can buy for your little ones — like a baby burrito blanket — that they're going to love as much as you do. But, I understand that sneakerheads come in all ages, so I'm not going to stop a toddler from rocking a pair of Baby Yeezys in the Pirate Black, Turtle Dove, or Beluga colorway this summer. However, I must advise you potential Yeezy shoppers to consider equally stylish dupes for the miniature version of 2015's Shoe of the Year winner.

I'm not saying that you have to stray very far from the company that makes Yeezys either. Adidas has plenty of options for those tiny hipster feet that are in the category of "Yes, I can totally afford that and buy myself a pair, too." But before you go out and shop for the alternatives, let's see what the Baby Yeezys will look like first based on the photo posted a few months ago by Mrs. Yeezy herself, Kim Kardashian.

Here are seven nearly identical items to the Baby Yeezys that your wallet will thank you for.

White On White

Adidas Infants Originals ZX Flux Shoes, $45

The clean lines and airiness of these baby sneaks are close enough to the mini-Yeezys.


Adidas Infants Originals Tubular Radial Shoes, $55

Kanye only wishes he designed this shoe.

Swoosh Appeal

Nike Kids Flex 2015 Run, $44

Let the company's motto help you decide in buying this pair: Just Do It.

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Air Jordan 5 Retro Low, $55

It's a shoe that your kid (or you) can keep as a memento after he or she has outgrown it.

Crochet Copy

Crochet Baby Shoes, $25 (Etsy)

These handmade, Yeezy-inspired shoes make for the coolest baby shower gift ever.


Crochet Baby Booties, $34.99 (Etsy)

I don't think they're ready for this Yeezy.

Two Tone

Infant Girls' C9 By Champion Athletic Shoes, $17.99

Eat your heart out, Baby Yeezys.