The Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Are Here To Stay

Urban Decay has done the unthinkable and completely replaced their lip products with a brand new Vice Lipstick range that includes a new formula, several finishes, new and returning colors, and revamped packaging. Some hard core UD lippie fans may be up at night wondering: are the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks limited edition? If this sounds like a nightmare you've had, you can rest easy tonight. The Vice Lipstick line is here to stay!

That's right, no need to lay awake at night or have panic attacks at the thought of missing out on these lipsticks. The Vice line will be completely replacing the old UD lipsticks as the brands main lip range. So they won't be here and then gone, they won't be sold out with no return, and they won't be randomly taken off the market.

What a relief! The Vice lipsticks aren't going anywhere That being said, I can understand why you may have already have a plan of attack for scooping these up, because they are seriously amazing.

Scheduled to drop June 5 on the brand's webstore, the new collection will feature six finishes ranging from Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer, and Sheer Shimmer, according to Refinery29. They'll also be equipped with aloe vera, avocado, babassu, and jojoba oils, plus antioxidant vitamins C and E to form a conditioning, long-lasting, moisturizing formula with non-dragging application.

The sleek shotgun shell packaging is a throwback to UD's original lipstick design. These Vice lippies will be available at Urban Decay retailers and priced at $17.

And if all that wasn't enough to convince you that you'll be buying this collection, here's arguably the best part of this launch: there will be 100 shades. That includes 74 brand new, never-before-seen colors, as well as 26 that were existing, discontinued, or limited edition. Prepare to be completely mesmerizing and overwhelmed by the color selection.

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This launch will also feature 50 new, redesigned and reformulated lip pencils. They really outdid themselves! The fact that the Vice lippies aren't limited edition is certainly a good thing, since that gives you plenty of time to pick your jaw up off the floor and decide which of the 100 shades you'll be rocking. That is, if you haven't already convinced yourself that you need them all!

Images: UrbanDecayCosmetics/Instagram