Twitter Wants Harry To Take Off His Hat

This boy band member certainly knows how to send pretty much everyone on the planet into a tizzy. Just days ago, he announced that he had done the unthinkable — cut his hair. And now, the world is finally getting the first glimpse of the on-hiatus 1Der since his haircut. See the best Twitter reactions to Harry Styles new hair because apparently, this shot of him wearing a hat just won’t suffice.

You heard the people, Styles. Everyone now needs a you to take a selfie because seriously, what were you thinking stepping out in public before taking to Instagram first, anyways? The Twitterverse is just outraged that these paparazzi photos of Styles wearing a cap are the best they’ve gotten of his hair post cut, and honestly, I can’t say I blame them. A selfie or two to show off those locks would be nice. And after shocking us like that, it really is the least he could do, right? So, go on and take off your hat, Harry. The world commands it!

Some people are in love with this haircut, while others seem to still be in too much shock to really form much of an opinion. And again, before Twitter casts too many judgments, he really would have to take that hat off. You just can’t get a good enough view, otherwise.

It's definitely shorter, but there's not much to see with this hat situation.

1. Circa 2010

We could have a throwback moment on our hands.

2. Threats

Don't make this poor person crash into their wall, Harry. A little help here!

3. Kill 'Em With Kindness

So, let's try the nice approach, instead.

4. Please & Thank You

Don't forget to use your manners.

5. An Open Letter

You really would be doing us all a favor. Penned by, the entire world.

6. Whatever's Left

The world's ready to see the aftermath of that haircut.

7. Selfie Time

Come on. Just one, please?

8. Grow It Out

Some people are already wondering if he's going to grow it out again. It's the one question we're all dying to know.

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9. Clear View

It's really not much to ask for.

10. Pretty Please

Let us see, pretty please with a cherry on top!

11. The Big Reveal (Sort Of)

This is rather disappointing for a big reveal, TBH.

12. Begging

Please, Harry, we beg of you.

13. Never-Ending

Will he ever put us out of our misery?

Here's to hoping he makes our dreams come true by giving us a really good glimpse of his chop. Twitter has spoken. Your move, Styles. Your move.