How To Transition Your Skincare Routine For Summer

By now, winter is but a distant memory, spring is nearly waving goodbye, and summer is at the forefront of your mind. But with the excitement of beach trips, barbecues, and music festivals crowding your headspace, your skin — and taking care of it — has likely taken a backseat on your list of to-dos. But changing your skincare routine for summer is just as important as it is in the winter. Sure, you won't need as intensive of night creams, but switching it up could be the key to perfectly hydrated skin versus overly oily or cracked and dry complexion.

I spoke with Dove's head dermatologist, Dr. Mona Gohara, at Create & Cultivate in Los Angeles on Saturday to see what we really need to know when it comes to summer skincare. Gohara has a very simple way of thinking about your summer skincare regimen. "As your clothes get lighter, so should your skincare," Gohara tells me. "Your main tenets should stay the same, like your cleanser, but for example, if you’re using a cream, you may want to transition to a lotion, because creams are more hydrating than lotions, and you want something lighter. You might want to try a serum, because serums are also hydrating, but they’re much lighter." Makes sense, right?

That doesn't mean you can forego important products you'd normally wear, however. As Gohara puts it, "You wouldn't just go naked around town. You just reach for lighter clothes." The same M.O. should be followed when choosing skincare products. In other words, sunscreens and antioxidants, like your SPFs and vitamin C serums, should stick around. But switching up the formulations of your products could be a good idea, especially if you notice that your skin changes from season to season.

The major takeaway? "Scale back a little bit in terms of heaviness," Gohara concludes. Sounds easy enough!

Here are some lighter, summer-friendly products to consider swapping into your beauty cabinet in the next couple weeks.

1. Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter™ X6 Facial Serum

Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter™ X6 Facial Serum, $74,

This serum is jam-packed with so much goodness and is the perfect swap for your heavier day and night creams. Made with five essential oil (including borage, jojoba, sea buckthore, macadamia, and St. John's Wort), this facial serum promises to hydrate your skin, while delivering a healthy glow. What's not to love?

2. Dr. Brandt Power Dose C Age Fighter Vitamin

Dr. Brandt Power Dose C Age Fighter Vitamin, $69,

If there's one thing you should consider adding to your skincare routine, Gohara says it should be this. "It’s really important for young women to be using an antioxidant on a daily basis to fortify your skin against further ultraviolet damage. My favorite antioxidant is a vitamin C serum. They’re cosmetically elegant, they’re highly concentrated, they’re easy to layer under your makeup. The ideal thing would be to use the serum, put on the sunscreen, and then go on your merry way.” It's so light, yet so powerful — you won't even know it's there (until you notice how clear your skin is as a result of using it, of course).

3. You Are AMAZING Coconut Water Body Lotion

you are AMAZING Coconut Water Body Lotion, $3.99,

Swap out those thick, intensive lotions made for super dry, wintery skin for a lighter (not to mention, delicious-smelling) formula like this from you are AMAZING. The coconut scent will put you in a tropical vacation state of mind, too!

4. Iope Air Cushion

Iope Air Cushion, $40,

The last thing you want to do is layer on thick foundation and powder when the temperatures are high. Opt for a SPF 50-packed cushion compact like this one from Iope. It delivers just enough color to cover imperfections while protecting your skin from UV rays. The best part? It makes your skin look dewy and glowy, and you can touch-up throughout the day without worrying about clogging your pores.

5. Glossier's Cherry Balm Dotcom

Glossier's Cherry Balm Dotcom, $12,

Thick, heavy lipsticks are great and all, but what your pout really needs this summer is hydration. Glossier's latest Balm Dotcom will melt into your lips and lock in moisture. One of their newest flavors is cherry, which will leave just a hint of red on your smoochers. It also tastes like your favorite childhood candy and the cute packaging is a major win.

With the above products, and your favorite sunscreen, your skin will be saying, "Eat your heart out, summer!"

Images: Courtesy of Brands