A Tarte x Grav3yardgirl Collabo Is Happening

So. Many. Makeup. Collabos. From vloggers and brands like Jaclyn Hill x BECCA, Manny MUA x OFRA, and Nikkie Tutorials x Too Faced to pop stars and brands like Brook Candy x MAC, the makeup partnerships are straight up popping in 2016. Now, Tarte Cosmetics is partnering with YouTube star grav3yardgirl aka Bunny Meyer aka Rachel Meyer. She is now known for her videos about makeup and fashion, so this mashup makes sense. This duo might seem semi-unlikely, but only if you are not familiar with this unique web celeb.

Grav3yardgirl is a self-professed "swamp queen" and she teased her Tarte partnership on her Instagram again, sharing a photo of what looks like packaging with graphics. There is also an alligator, which has domain over swamps, so this image feels a tad metaphorical. She captioned the shot, writing, "SWAMP FAM! whooooos ready for something exciting coming in the future!" She also hashtagged Tarte.

But what are they working on? Will this collabo yield a full collection? A range of lipsticks? Glosses? Shadows? What?!

Well, it's just a teaser photo that offers an incredibly limited visual perspective, so we don't know for sure. It could be anything.

Let's examine the teasers. I can't even call the latest image a hint since the details are obscured. But that's likely intentional.

I am intrigued. I need to know what this is about. Hey, grav3yardgirl! I'll be here, waiting for you to get back. Hopefully, you can serve up more info and soon! I'm getting all of the edgy feels.

Could her latest tease have something to do with this? Duh! Grav3yardgirl teased this black and white, filter-enhanced shot of liquid lipsticks a few weeks ago; that's actually a common Instagram x makeup teaser trick employed by Kylie Cosmetics and Jeffree Star when they want to be coy with their hints regarding new product shades, all the while strategically building anticipation and excitement.

Or wait... is that a tube of cream eye shadow? Mascara? You seriously cannot tell. Grav3yardgirl purposefully concealed the colors with the filter and once again tagged Tarte.

Based on these two telling Insta clues, I am going to guess that grav3yardgirl is creating a collection with multiple products and/or hues. Since she just shared another tease, maybe this collabo will be upon us soon.

Fan response was instant, passionate, and speculative. One follower suspected a palette. Others were just excited because it's happening... whatever "it" is.

I cruised over to the Tarte Instagram and the brand didn't post anything telling about this partnership.

Here's a stunning grav3yardgirl makeup look. I am excited about what's to come now that Tarte is involved. We don't know what, when, and where just yet. But consider my curiosity at its apex.

Image: grav3yardgirl/Instagram (3)