11 Food-Themed Hair Bobbles To Celebrate Eating

Hair accessories can be a quirky way to let people know what you're interested in: Flower crowns are for festival lovers, goggles are for steampunk enthusiasts, and for those of us who love eating, food themed hair accessories are where it's at. Whether we're talking about a cute junk food pattern or an entirely sequined hot dog clipping your bangs away from your face, a food-inspired hair accessory can be a cute and kitschy way to add a bit of yourself into a look. My daily special as of late is all-black everything served with a side of avocado polymer bobby pins.

Our hair can be our greatest accessory, particularly when styled to perfection or pinned in a new style. But hair accessories are always on hand to give us that little extra something something. I still wear gold sequin bow clips that I owned when I was nine, just because it's fun and it's cute and it's different to do so. It's another form of self expression and with these hair accessories, I love to tell the world how much I enjoy eating food.

Not to mention that as a plus size person, I get a cheap thrill in knowing some fat shamer might see my little French fry hair clip and become even more annoyed about my existence. Here are 11 awesome foodie hair accessories to start with.

1. Takeout Forever

Chinese Takeout Satin Bow, $3, Hot Topic

Enjoy this super cute — and super budget-friendly — Chinese takeout bow from Hot Topic. My favorite kind of food is the food I don't have to make myself.

2. Burger Brush

Hamburger Pop Up Brush, $5, Claires

Express your food love throughout all of your hair accessories (not just the ones you wear on your head) with this adorable hamburger brush. It's the perfect compact brush for your handbag.

3. Feeling Fruity

Watermelon Hair Clips, $4, Etsy

These watermelon hair clips are an adorable take on the bobby pin. And let's be honest, you're way less likely to lose these ones because you'll be making the effort to keep hold of them.

4. I Love Junk Food

Junk Food Satin Hair Bow, $3, Hot Topic

If you're proclaiming your love of food through a hair accessory, you might as well be true to who you are and represent your adoration of all the food we're not supposed to admit to love.

5. Donut Come For Me

Donut Hair Clip, $4, Etsy

Look at its little face! So sweet on so many levels.

6. Super Sweet Scrunchie

Fruit Scrunchie, $8, Topshop

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7. I Fancy Japanese Food

Crochet Sushi Hair Clip, $6, Etsy

These detailed and delicious crocheted sushi hair clips look good enough to eat.

8. If You Like Piña Coladas & Getting Caught In The Rain

Pina Colada Hair Clip, $12, Urban Outfitters

Even if you don't like piña coladas, the minimalist pineapple motif of this clip is perfect for any chic food lover.

9. Everybody Loves Pizza

Pizza Print Hair Bow, $3, Hot Topic

This one's pretty similar to the Hot Topic junk food print bow, but it focuses on everyone's favorite junk food: pizza!

10. Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog

Hot Dog Hair Bow, $16, Etsy

It's more of a statement piece than any of these other hair accessories, IMO. But for kitschy gals, it might just be the food accessory you've been looking for throughout your whole life.

11. Why Have One When You Can Have Three?

Food Hair Ties Three-Pack, $12, Topshop

Make your up-dos that little bit cuter by topping your high ponytail with a little burger, French fries, or a hotdog.

If any of these food-themed hair clips haven't appealed to you, then I'm going to have to take away (get it?) your title of food lover. Because if you really adored food, you'd want to show the world as much with a variety of food-themed clips. Duh.

Images: Courtesy Brands