2016 Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Whether you had one at your own graduation or not, decorative graduation caps are slowly becoming a must-have for many college graduates. Whether it's a long and thoughtful quote or even a silly meme, graduates are going all out to decorate these hard-earned caps. And why shouldn't they? After years of pouring over books and nights spent in the library, college grads deserve to decorate their caps however they may choose. This form of self expression is exactly the reason they went to college — to learn who they are and where they stand in the world. So, if it takes a rat eating pizza or a Leslie Knope quote to express that realization, then so be it. It's their life after all.

Personally, I loved seeing all of the decorated caps during my own college graduation ceremony. It was a reminder that these funny, creative, and unique individuals created the college experience that I had grown to love. These colorful caps expressed not only the graduate themselves, but also our own college class as a whole. Between the silliness and seriousness of the cap designs was a collective of young individuals who had found their voice. So, if you're wondering what to decorate your own graduation cap this year, here are 25 super creative decoration ideas that are sure to inspire you.

1. "Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads"

Roads can't even handle us right now.

2. "Queer Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose"

Motivational AF.

3. "This Is A Really Expensive Photo, Mom"

They've been waiting four years to take this photo.

4. "Thank You"

First, I would like to thank the Academy.

5. School Logo

School spirit is the best spirit.

6. Home State Pride

Never forget where you came from.

7. "To Infinity, And Beyond"

Buzz Lightyear should have been this year's commencement speaker. #inspirational

8. Brainy

Just in case your brain is still sore from finals week.

9. "Art Director For Hire"

Might as well start the job search, now.

10. "What Will Your Verse Be"

Be honest with yourself and you'll always go far.

11. "Watch What Happens"

From the Newsies quote, "Give those kids and me the brand new century and watch what happens."

12. Stay Wild Child

Always be true to yourself.

13. "Females Are Strong As Hell"

Just keeping it real.

14. "I Wrote My Way Out"

Stay strong, kids.

15. "I Didn't Throw Away My Shot"

Take advantage of your chances.

16. "Help Me, I'm Poor"

Those student loans, though.

17. "Did It For The Insta"

Might as well make everyone laugh, right?

18. Cute Initials

Keep it classy.

19. "Support Your Local Library"

Always keep your priorities in line.

20. "To Live Will Be An Awfully Big Adventure"

Never lose your child-like enthusiasm.

21. "Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright"

Because it will be.

22. "Waffles, Friends, Work"

In that order.

23. Floral Design

When you put your degree to good use.

24. "The Story Ends, And So Our Adventure Begins"

One chapter closes, and so begins another.

25. Self Promotion

If all else fails, just put your own face on your cap.

Now, go out there, and make the coolest graduation cap ever!

Images: Allie Raynor, Allison Boudreau, Audrey Borst, Becky Thorogood, Capri DeBiccari, Christina Catucci, Emily McClure, Griffin Lane, Holly Horne, Jen Leahy, Julianna Buck, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Kelly Lipski, Kelly Payton, Laurel Heenan, Lia Brouillard, Mackenzie Hall, Mary Cate, Meghan O’Brien, Phil Rosenberg, Raina Deerwater, Sarah Barnhard, Shannon O’Connor, Victoria Masteller