You Can Use This OUAI Product For More Than Hair

Summer heat means finding hairstyles that are going to pair well with the humidity because no one likes to watch their slicked back updo grow a halo of frizz due to the scorching temps. That doesn’t just happen to me, right? Anyways, there are plenty of ways to use the OUAI Haircare Texturizing Hair Spray to beat the heat.

This product is like a dry shampoo and a hairspray in one. It’s lightweight, yet volumizing, and it’s sure to keep your hair in place. So, for beach waves that full and luscious, not frizzy, you really need a product like this in your life. Jen Atkin demonstrates just how to use this spray to get everything from a texturized ponytail to flawless brushed waves on her YouTube channel. It’s almost as good as having a stylist right in your own home, so definitely take advantage of the tutorials once the warm weather sets in to stay.

One fan of the product even pointed out via Twitter that this spritz can be used to keep your zipper in place (because we’ve all had that zipper that just won’t stay), so this really is the only hair product you need to throw in your bag when it’s time for a vacay.

Find out all of the ways you can be using your Texturizing Hair Spray for a better summer style.

It's like an #OUAIsis in a bottle.

Texturizing Hair Spray, $26, OUAI Haircare

For all of the staying power your hair could need so you can stay looking cool in the heat, look no further.

Now, let's see what this baby can really do, shall we?

1. Aid In A Crisis

From hair troubles to wardrobe malfunctions, this spray is here to save the day!

2. Give The Perfect Half Up Pony

Simple as pull up, spritz and be on your way.

3. Secure A Flawless Blowout

For a blown-out look that won't quit, secure and texturize with this spray.

4. Allow For Beachy Waves

The texture and hold this provides will keep your beachy waves in tact all day.

5. Achieve A Textured High Pony

A spray like this will keep your pony looking voluminous.

6. Get An Effortless Half Up 'Do

Lazy girl hair never looked so good.

7. Lock In Glamorous Flowing Waves

For a glam take on beach waves, try using this texture spray to secure big, loose curls.

The summer season's looking better already.

Images: theouai/Instagram (1); Courtesy OUAI Haircare (1); YouTube (6)