Reese Will Never Wear This One Popular Trend

by Sienna Fantozzi

Staying true to your personal style, no matter what the trends of the moment are, is so important in order to feel comfortable and confident, and that's why there is one item of clothing Reese Witherspoon will never wear. The actor opened up to People Magazine, and revealed that she feels like at her age (she just turned 40), there's one thing she just can't wear. And it's something that's totally on trend.

I've always admired the fact that Witherspoon never really deviates too far from her comfort zone. While some stars switch it up on the regs, you can always count on her to stay true to who she is. Though since turning 40, she admits that she sees certain things as off-limits. For example, she can't be matchy-matchy with her daughter. “I have a rule that if my teenage daughter is wearing it, I’m not supposed to be wearing it," Witherspoon told People . OK, in truth, that one I might agree with, but her other no-no? She won't wear cut-off shorts. And why not?! There is no way 40 is too old for cut-offs.

“Like, some women love to wear cut-off shorts and look really good in them, but I like a polished, tailored short. I feel like I am too old to be wearing cut-offs at this probably does have to do with my age," she said. While she's definitely not too old to be wearing them, I definitely commend the fact that she wants to stay true to her personal style. If cut-offs are too boho for her, then it shouldn't matter how trendy they are. Check out these seven times Reese Witherspoon rocked a tailored short as proof that polished totally works for her.

1. Blue & White

Just because they're tailored, doesn't mean they can't be totally casual.

2. Matching Set

Nothing says polished like a matching set.

3. White

They're so classic paired with a striped top.

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4. Floral

Cut-offs probably wouldn't have looked as chic for sight-seeing around Rome.

5. Colorful

Too stinkin' cute.

6. Pink

Elle Woods vibes.

7. Yellow

These are made for summer.