The One Thing To Know When Shopping Exposed

It's time to hop on the e-commerce emotional roller coaster again, makeup addicts! If the Exposed Kylie Lip Kit rumors are true — you know, the one that suggests the brand new, true nude shade goes on sale this Friday, May 13 — then it's time for a shopping refresher course. And if the rumors prove false, well, you still need a reminder on how to shop Kylie Lip Kits so that you are prepared whenever the new shade goes on sale or when the Metal Mattes are restocked. I am all about not only that bass, but about preparedness, too. I have successfully shopped Kylie Lip Kits and Kylie Glosses many times and all the same tenets remain viable. You need to be online five minutes early, to have your credit card out, and to shop quickly and efficiently. Those hard and fast rules haven't changed, even though restocks happen more frequently. However, there's a tip about shopping the Exposed Lip Kit that I am happy to share with you.

This is the one thing you need to know and to consider in order to effectively shop an Exposed Kylie Lip Kit.

Exposed is a brand new shade and it will be making its debut and going on sale for the first time. Therefore, it will have more mania surrounding it.

It's the "new girl," so expect that KLK diehards, devotees, and koveteurs will want a piece right away. Allow yourself a little more time and expend a little more patience when pointing, clicking, and shopping.

There will be more excitement and perhaps even more shoppers, given Exposed's new-ness. As I stated previously, the restocks of familiar and long-term shades are happening with more frequency. So more shoppers and customers are being satisfied. They get what they want and therefore they may not return for every restock of the "classic" colors. That means less traffic and bottlenecking while shopping.

Now that a new shade is being introduced, prior customers may return. New ones may turn up due to their curiosity. So it may be harder to get onto the site and get this shade, even if you are a pro or think you've "got" this based on past successful shopping, given increased volume.


So remember to get online, preferably with a fast WiFi connection, about 10 minutes in advance of the on-sale. Have your credit card handy. Know what you want to buy and don't waste precious seconds browsing. Get on the site, stock up your cart, and check out. If the site crashes mid-shopping, don't fresh 100 times because it may update your cart with too many KLKs. Be patient. Be efficient.

Good luck!

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3)