How Many Urban Decay Vice Lip Liners Are There?

My lips can't stop forming a smile every time I see a new bit of news or an image related to Urban Decay's 100-strong Vice Lipsticks. The brand is revamping and relaunching its entire lipstick range with a whopping 100 shades. There are six finishes, new hues, and discontinued shades are being rebooted. It's lipstick nirvana if you can't get enough lippies in your life. "I have too many lipsticks," said no one ever in Urban Decay's world. While the shade range is impressive and there is something with which to paint every pout, what about matching lip liners? What's the deal with Urban Decay lip liners? How do these essential crayons, which help you achieve a flawless, well-shaped lip look that stops the product from bleeding, factor into the Vice 100 relaunch? How many Urban Decay Lip Liners are there?

Good news, Beauty Junkies and lipstick addicts. There are 50 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Liners to go along with the 100 lipsticks. So while there isn't an exact accompanying liner for every lipstick shade, there are still plenty of color options to mix and match without having that dreaded line of demarcation. Lip liners are usually close or "close enough" to a lipstick shade without being a carbon copy and that's totally OK, since it can add a little depth, dimension, or "oomph!"

So one liner could work with a variety of the lipstick shades. That's actually economically efficient for the customer. You can buy two or seven or 11 shades in the same color family and only need two similar liners.

While Urban Decay isn't planning on releasing a Vice Lipstick Vault, I am stoked that there will be plenty of lip crayons to choose from. I love being able to trace, fill, apply, blot, and go! You can obvs wear the Vice lipsticks sans liner. But liner always keeps a lip look in check, precise, and long-lasting.

ICYMI: Let's tickle our eyes with the shades.

What beautiful bullets.

How can you choose just one or even five or even 15?

I need to go get a second job in order to shop every single one of these babies, which individually carry a $17 price tag.

Images: Urban Decay/Instagram (6)