Beyonce & Blue Ivy Rock Matching Jackets

Most kids avoid wearing matching outfits with their moms like the plague. But when your mom is Beyonce and the duds are designer, obviously things are a little different. Beyonce and Blue Ivy wore matching denim jackets in a post the singer shared on Instagram Wednesday night. And while the concept sounds cheesy, the two coordinated ensembles looked absolutely adorable.

And these aren't just your average denim jackets. Fashionista pointed out that the pieces look very similar to denim jackets designed for Gucci by Alessandro Michele, and that the ones that Bey and Blue Ivy are wearing could be custom-made by the brand. The Italian label sells a very similar version to Blue Ivy's jacket for kids between the ages of 4 and 12. While that piece retails for $860 online, and while I'm sure Beyonce's adult version costs even more, you really can't put a price on how darling the mother and daughter are together in this photo.

Beyonce paired her jacket with distressed jeans in the same tone, a printed button-down blouse, a chained clutch, and classic aviator sunglasses. What is most surprising is not only how old Blue Ivy looks (she just turned 4 in January), but also that she's already developing a serious sense of style. She wore a printed dress with her patchwork jacket, and accessorized with a thin headband. Props to you, Blue Ivy, because you pull that outfit off well!

What was the occasion for this adorable coordinating outfit? Beyonce is so private that we can only really speculate. Perhaps it was a bonding moment for daughter and mother on a day off from her Formation World Tour? A virtual thank you from Beyonce to Gucci for designing one of her tour outfits? A belated Mother's Day post? Either way, I don't think anyone is complaining about Beyonce sharing this adorable snap. It certainly made my day a little brighter!

As if this designer, matching-with-Beyonce ensemble didn't already put your wardrobe to shame, ahead you'll find times Blue Ivy's style was better than yours. Because even at 4-years-old, there's no denying Blue has got serious fashion game. I have no doubt that as she grows older, it's only going to get better!

1. Pink Sequined Dress

Blue Ivy's gorgeous dress is seriously on point. And look at those makeup skills!

2. White Gown

Wouldn't Blue Ivy make the most adorable flower girl? Something tells me this stunning white gown she wore could have been for a wedding.

3. Swimwear

A one piece swimsuit with floaties attached? Blue Ivy's got her swimwear down pat.

4. Floral Dress

This floral dress with a cut-out back is adorable on her.

5. Baby Couture

You may remember when Blue Ivy appeared next to her mother in the pages of Vogue before she turned one year old. She was killing the style game, even at that age!

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6. Halter Dress

I see you, Blue Ivy, in your floral halter dress. Could she be any cuter?

7. Onesie

Yes, yes she could!

8. Tinted Sunglasses

She's even got the accessories game down.

9. Converse Sneakers

And don't forget about her shoe game as well!

The girl's got style. I can't wait to see how it evolves as she grows up. If she's anything like her mom, she'll end up being a style star.