'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher Changed Up Her Look

by May Sofi

If you're anything like me, you have been in reality television withdrawal ever since the latest season of The Bachelor came to a close a few months ago. While the new season of the beloved series is still weeks away, the official cast member list for The Bachelorette has come out on Thursday, quenching our thirst for any and all details about JoJo Fletcher's highly anticipated season — thank you, ABC. Along with the release of the cast list came new promo photos of Fletcher, and I couldn't help but notice that she looked different. After glancing over some photos, I finally put my finger on it — JoJo Fletcher dyed her hair blonde, and the makeover is super subtle yet totally gorgeous.

We first met the 25-year-old on the last season of The Bachelor when she was competing for Ben Higgins' heart. She came on the scene as a brunette, sporting warm chestnut-colored locks throughout the show, but the more we saw of her as the show wrapped, the more her mane began to change. One quick scan at her Instagram reveals that she is fond of blonde ombre, and it seems this time she took it to a whole new level with even brighter blonde highlights.

People often opt for a hair change-up to coincide with a major change in their lives, such as graduating from college, starting a new job, and I guess becoming The Bachelorette? Seems pretty fitting to me that she would go for a fresh new look to embark on this exciting new journey.

Check out JoJo's new 'do.

So pretty!

Here is a closer look.

She pulls off blonde remarkably well.

Let's now compare to her previous brunette look.

See the difference? It's not insanely drastic, but her hair is definitely significantly lighter.

She is clearly into blonde hair, as this photo reveals she has been blonde before.

Brunette or blonde, she's lovely either way.

Images: ABC (2), Joelle_Fletcher/Instagram (1), Bachelornationhd/Instagram (1)