The 'Bachelorette' Contestants' Style, Ranked

It may not really be fair to prematurely judge the contestants on the Bachelorette, but that’s just part of the fun, am I right? So, now that the headshots of each of the men who will be after JoJo Fletcher’s heart have been released, let the judging begin! Here’s a complete style ranking for the upcoming season’s Bachelorette contestants. I may only be basing these style opinions off of one photo, but a headshot says a lot about a person, you know?

Most of the 26 men are wearing simple V-neck t-shirts, and these men automatically go to the bottom of the style pile for me. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with wearing a simple tee, it’s just that, you know, this seems like the kind of occasion that you get a little dressed up for. So, for the men who broke out a button-down, you’re getting major props.

There are two men who stick out from all the rest, in terms of dressing, and that’s because they’ve clearly put in the effort to stay up-to-date with trends. The show hasn’t even aired yet, and they’re already the front-runners, in my mind. Not that JoJo should base her opinions on the men’s fashion sense alone, but if she’s having trouble deciding who to send home that first night, she should definitely keep these rankings in mind. I’m just here to help, girl!

Ahh, the joys of being a part of Bachelor Nation … here are my official Bachelorette contestant style rankings, in a very particular order:

1. Nick S.

He's clearly trendy and put a lot of thought into this outfit. The way that bandana is tied and coordinating with his shirt — the man's got major style.

2. Wells

OK, can I just say that Wells is killing it in his denim jacket (with the accompanying pins)? I'm not even mad that he's just wearing a t-shirt because he clearly knows what he's doing with this on-trend look.

3. Jake

Not only did Jake put on a collared shirt, he decided to wear one with a nice color and print. I'm liking this look, Jake.

4. Daniel

When in doubt, go with the black shirt. Good call, Daniel. Good call.

5. Jonathan

This accented shirt is quite snazzy. I like it!

6. Alex

I like that Alex went with an olive green that complements his skin tone. Looking good!

7. Sal

A dark gray shirt with a subtle print is always a good option.

8. James Taylor

It's always nice when a man's not afraid to rock a bold print.

9. James F.

A plaid shirt is always a classic.

10. Derek

So, this is basically just a t-shirt, but at least it's got some interest with the added pockets and buttons.

11. Coley

This dark color wasn't a bad choice. And again, this one buttons, at least.

12. Vinny

You've got to admire a man who can totally pull off a pastel color.

13. James S.

Anyone who looks good in mint green is winning in my book. This is definitely not the easiest color to wear.

14. Luke

A plain white t-shirt is a classic option, so you can't fault the guy for throwing this on before his close-up.

15. Robby

I wish these men hadn't worn just V-neck t-shirts, but at least this one is a fun color.

16. Ali

Coral really pops!

17. Chase

This green color looks good on him, and at least this shirt doesn't have a traditional "V-neck" style neckline.

18. Peter

With this marled effect, this tee's got an interesting texture.

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19. Nick B.

Like I said, I admire a man who can wear pastels.

20. Evan

Evan's the only one who wore a burgundy color, so this was a standout choice.

21. Jordan

The men who chose to wore green really did a good job of picking a color that looked great with their skin, and Jordan is no exception.

22. Christian

There's nothing wrong with a gray shirt, especially if it's part of a monochromatic outfit.

23. Chad

Several of the contestants had the same idea with this gray shirt thing.

24. Brandon

Seriously, did they all plan to wear this color? At least they're all variations of the shade.

25. Will

Will chose to go with a navy option instead of gray.

26. Grant

I have nothing against a black t-shirt, I just think as a Bachelorette contestant, he really should have pulled out all of the stops in terms of dressing.

One photo can't change the fact that JoJo's got a great group of guys. So, who else is excited to watch how all of this plays out? I'm just ready for these men to step out of the limos, already!

You said it, JoJo!

Images: Screengrab/YouTube (1); YouTube (1); Craig Sjodin/ABC (26); Giphy (1)