Fenty x Puma's New Colors Are Perfect For Summer

Prepare yourselves, because Rihanna's crazy popular Puma creeper sneakers are coming back in just a few weeks, but before you buy a pair, you're probably wondering what the new Fenty x Puma colors are. According to Footwear News, they come in three colors, and you'll have your choice between neutrals and a jewel-toned beauty. Seriously, the struggle of deciding which pair you want to own is going to be totally real.

Puma teased the new colors on Snapchat on Wednesday, ahead of the May 26 release date, and from the pictures, it looks like we're going to have some seriously tough decisions ahead of us. The shoes come in three colors, including White Glo, a stark, all-white sneaker, Black Satin, all black with what looks to be satin laces, and Green-Bordeaux, which may just be my favorite yet. (The sneaker is emerald green with a bordeaux stripe and tan soles, and it is basically jewel-toned perfection.)

Even though we're heading into summer, the new creeper colors are everything you're going to want for the fall, so they're totally versatile and can be worn year-round.

But given how difficult it is to score these shoes (they pretty much instantly sell out), you definitely want to nail down which pair (or, you know, all pairs) you want to buy ahead of time so that you're ready when they drop on May 26.

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Let's review the colors, shall we?

Here's White Glo:

And Black Satin:

And Green-Bordeaux:

And the good news — if your first choice sells out, all the colors are so great, that you really can't go wrong with any.