15 Hilarious Graduation Caps For Some Witty Inspo

The big day that you've been waiting for throughout four gruelingly studious years is finally in front of you. You've likely got your graduation ceremony outfit in the bag, rented your robe, and made space on your phone for selfies. But what about decorating your graduation cap?

When it comes to many a matriculation in the States, it's commonplace to decorate your graduation cap so that you stand out in the sea of black or neutral hues. Getting creative with your cap can be a fabulous way to pay homage to a loved one or someone who has helped you through your education, while being an awesome tactic for making the person sitting behind you laugh.

If I had been able to decorate my own graduation cap — sadly, that's not really a thing over here in the UK — I would have definitely gone for a funny aesthetic. Showing that you have a sense of humor on one of the biggest days of your life is a great way to alleviate your nerves and those of your friends. Who knows? Maybe crafting your cap will prove to be a therapeutic activity in the lead-up to your event, taking your mind off worrying about walking across that beastly stage without falling over. So here are some hilarious graduation caps to inspire your own design and keep you giggling until you graduate.

1. The Harry Potter Design

There are a few different Harry Potter -inspired grad cap designs floating around in the ether of the internet, but this clever style is by far my fave.

2. The High Five Design

This How I Met Your Mother fan chose a very comedic and quirky quote from the series.

3. The Lemonade Cap

When life gives you lemons, you know what to do! This crafty gal shows that positivity is the key to success.

4. The Legally Blonde Reference

It's likely that many of us have dreamed of using this sassy Elle Woods quote in the proper context, and this law graduate totally nailed it.

5. The SpongeBob SquarePants-Inspired Cap

Your graduation is officially the last day you get to be a big kid before entering the adult world, so you may as well make the most of it with a SpongeBob SquarePants reference.

6. The Game Of Thrones Quote

Game Of Thrones spoiler alert! Your days in education will soon be at end, much like Jon Snow's time with the Night's Watch. At least you're not an oath breaker. (Although technically speaking, neither is Jon.)

7. The Graduate Headed To Law School

At least this graduate's friends and family know who to call to help them out of a sticky situation in the future.

8. The Starbucks Cap

Starbucks lovers are sure to chuckle at this cool cap.

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9. The Stay Tuned Design

It's totally OK to not have every single detail of your life planned out. It's even better when you put a witty spin on the situation.

10. The Nurse With A Great Sense Of Humor

If you're stuck for ideas, dabble in word play like this comedic nursing school graduate.

11. The Witty Optometrist-To-Be

Well, I'd certainly look forward to this graduate testing my eyes in the future.

12. The Crown Cap

Aspiring princesses are sure to love this cute design.

13. The Friends Fan

Most Millennials are likely to recognize this as an epic Friends reference, whether they only caught one episode, or they're a mega fan of the show.

14. The Sassy Quote

Confidence is an essential quality for any graduate embarking into the "real" world. This sassy quote is sure to make even the most stern-faced folks crack a smile.

15. The Genie Reference

Much like Genie from Aladdin, this graduate is free at last.

Take inspiration from these comedic caps and put your own unique stamp on your design, because life's too short to take your graduation cap seriously.

Image: Courtesy julialareina26/Instagram (1)