You Have To Enter The Kylie Cosmetics Giveaway

Kylie Jenner is giving her fans what they want, just not in the way you'd expect. Jenner hasn't teased a new shade since announcing her Exposed Lip Kit. She is, however, hosting a giveaway of her products. So what's the Kylie Cosmetics Giveaway? You could win big with this one.

While Jenner has previously hosted giveaways, on her website, she announced a new contest that will give 100 lucky subscribers a chance to snag not just a Lip Kit but also the potential to gain a metal matte or a gloss. Basically, if you've been wanting any Kylie Cosmetics products, you could get your hands on it.

Jenner has previously held giveaways on her website, but they haven't quite been this large. My theory on the increase in products up for grabs? The reality star's ever expanding line of products and her upcoming Exposed Lip Kit launch. Jenner is set to release Exposed on Friday, May 13, and that so happens to be the deadline for the giveaway. Plus, this giveaway, unlike other smaller, Kylie Cosmetics giveaways, is set to feature not just one formulation of Kylie Jenner products but all three. Metals, Lip Kits, and glosses are all up for grabs, and I'd bet that Jenner has up'ed the numbers on her giveaway because, hello! She's got tons of products now!

Entering the Kylie Cosmetics giveaway isn't difficult, either! Despite a crazy increase in the products she's giving away, Jenner makes things simple for her subscribers. What's not to love about that?

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Since almost all of Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics products sell out in minutes, a giveaway is actually a genius idea. Not only does it give Jenner a bit of a web boost before her launch, but it's a perfect way to say thanks to her fans for supporting her.

So if you've been waiting to grab a metal matte, a gloss, or a Lip Kit, now is your chance. Head over to to enter, and look out for that Lip Kit restock and giveaway deadline on Friday.