These Harry Styles Haircut Memes Are Gold

If you know the name Harry Styles, there very little doubt in my mind that you also know his hair is practically an iconic part of his brand. In fact, his hair is such an integral part of his look that Harry Styles' haircut has spurred memes on the Internet. That's right. In case you missed it, Styles cut off his rockstar style locks, and unfortunately he has yet to reveal the cut without a hat on, but that hasn't stopped the Internet from creating meme and image upon meme and image regarding the chop.

Styles' hair has been the stuff of fans' dreams for years. Ever since 2013, the former One Direction member has seemed to not taken a slight shear to his locks. While there was speculation that he had trimmed up his look, it's been steadily getting longer for quite some time now. While members like Niall Horan may be known for their hair as well — considering that he's the only blond — Styles' long, messy 'do was always the most famous.

Now, unfortunately, that rockstar hair of Styles' seems to be gone. On Saturday, Styles took to his Instagram to post a sneaky image of his hand grasping a severed ponytail. Turns out, it seems as though Styles did turn the loss into a good thing. Styles donated his hair to charity, and it nearly makes me less sad.

While donating to charity is obviously a worthwhile reason to cut your hair — oh, and a role in a film that also requires a hair cut — the Internet memes that Harry Styles' hair cut has spawned range from depressed to hilarious. So, what sorts of meme reactions are out there?

Those Who Are Optimistic About The Future

It's true. He looks damn good with short hair.

Those Who Think He Resembles Hilarious Celebs

Harry Styles clearly does not look like George R.R. Martin, but the comparison is hilarious.

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Those Who Went Into Mourning

It was, in fact, a sincerely sad moment.

Those Who Are Truly Terrified

Maybe not bald, but he definitely chopped off a lot of hair.

Those Who Are Still Waiting

So far, that paparazzi shot just isn't cutting it.

Here's to hoping Harry takes of his hat soon!