How To Wear A T-Shirt To An Interview

When it comes to professional attire, the rules have changed. No longer are certain pieces out of the question, and depending on your industry, the trouser and blazer combination isn't really necessary for interviews anymore. Though we've made strides, however, can you wear a t-shirt to an interview, or is that a total fashion faux pas and way too casual?

When I was getting ready for my interview for my very first job, I wanted to throw on a pair of colorful trousers and a button up. My sister, who's ten years older than me, asked, "You're wearing that?" Paired with the look of horror on her face, this sentiment basically confirmed that we were in two very different generations of professional dressing. Though, I do have to add that we're in different industries. My older sister's a nurse practitioner, and I was interviewing for a position at a magazine at the time. Separate worlds.

But when it comes to dressing for interviews in 2016, what goes and what doesn't? Of course, there are still some general rules that apply no matter which generation you belong in. Mainly, it's probably a good idea to research what people in the industry are wearing at the moment. Working in media, it's a pretty lax environment, so wearing a skirt and tied up denim shirt was appropriate for my interview. But let's take it one step further — Is it OK to wear a t-shirt to an interview?

The answer, of course, is it depends. Interviewing for a position in finance, health, or secretarial work? Probably not. Interviewing for a media company, a fashion label, or a PR company? Probably. Maybe. It also heavily depends on how you style it.

If you decide it's OK to wear a shirt to your interview, here's how to go about picking one and styling it:

1. Pick A White Tee

Everlane The Cotton Drop-Shoulder Tee, $22, Everlane

This is the perfect tee. I said it. Perfect for dressing up and dressing down.

2. Accessorize With A Simple Necklace

Pivot Pendant Necklace, $26, Madewell

How pretty is this one?

3. Dress It Up With A Statement Necklace

J.Crew Midnight Floral Necklace, $150, J.Crew

On the other hand, if you want a little pop, a statement necklace will do.

4. Layer On A Silk Scarf

Vince Camuto Water Blooms Quad Silk Scarf, $58, Vince Camuto

A silk scarf will certainly dress up a t-shirt.

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5. Wear It Under A Polished Blazer

Topshop Satin Trim Slouch Blazer, $100, Nordstrom

Obsessed with how this drapes.

6. Pair It With Trousers

Club Monaco Terran Side-Tie Pant, $189, Club Monaco

Love a loose fit.

7. Or These Trousers

Wide Leg Ankle Pant, $98, Ann Taylor

Obsessed with this whole look.

8. Consider Statement Earrings

Kate Spade New York Chantilly Gems Statement Earrings, $128, Zappos Luxury

Earrings will surely dress up your look.

9. Add Perfect Pumps

Loeffler Randall Luz lace-Up Sandal, $395, Loeffler Randall

Hi, beauties.

There is no definitive answer to whether or not you can wear a t-shirt to an interview. It all depends on your industry and more importantly, your personality! If you feel uncomfortable walking in your interview in one, it will most definitely show. But if your industry allows, rock it! Shoes, a good blazer, and some jewelry will definitely add some polished feels. Plus, it transitions to casual wear effortlessly!

Images: Courtesy of Brands