Tarte Is Launching Five New Tartiest Lip Paints

Just like that, the makeup launches keep on rolling! On top of creating an entire new Rainforest of the Sea Collection, Tarte is launching five new Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paints just in time for summer. Although it's not exactly clear which colors will be joining the cosmetics family, there are plenty of theories floating around. Because when a beauty brand teases something on Instagram, everyone gets excited. Update: Tarte has released their five shades of their Tarteist Lip Paints — Grunge, Crop Top, Brownie, Choker, and Rave. The colors are all different shades of browns that give off a '90s vibe and will be available this fall.

EARLIER: As if you didn't already have enough on your summer makeup wishlist, Tarte is at it again. The company is adding five new colors to their 15-shade Creamy Matte Lip Paint collection, and people are pretty darn excited about it. According to an Instagram post, the new colors will be announced sometime Friday, May 13 on Periscope, a live-streaming app, but there are already some speculations into what hues might pop up next.

The photo shows five grey Lip Paint tubes with a colorful background and a very sketchy caption. "Doth my eye deceive me?" the caption reads. "Are those 5 NEW #tarteist creamy matte lip paint shades??? They sure are, and Jen will be unveiling them in FULL COLOR tomorrow on our periscope." The post makes it seem like the colors have been blacked out, but some people think otherwise.

A quick scroll though the comment section will show much debate as to which colors will actually be joining the family. Here are a few theories that might just be right.

1. The Background Colors Are New

The background of the image shows five different colors ranging from classic red to bright pink. It's possible that these could be a sneak preview of the new shades.

2. Slate Is The Hue

Although the Instagram post makes it seem like the colors have been blocked out for surprise factor, it's possible that grey could be one of the five new colors.

3. It's All About The Pinks

Summer is all about bright colors. Since Tarte already has so many shades of pink in their Tarteist Glossy Paint collection, it's possible that they're adding a few more to even things up among formulas.

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4. Metallics Are Coming

With so many brands launching new metallic lipsticks, it's possible that Tarte is doing the same. Plus they just came out with their new metallic liners, so the timing is just right.

5. They're Matching Their Packaging

This one is a long-shot, but it would be pretty cool. They just came out with blue and purple packaging for their Rainforest of the Sea collection, so we could see some more unconventional hues to match.

Whatever the colors are, I'm sure they're going to be gorgeous!

Images: TarteCosmetics/Instagram