How to Wake Up With Waves Using 9 Overnight Tricks

No matter what season it is — even if your next getaway is nowhere in the near future — there are ways to fake beachy waves overnight. That's a good thing, especially if your best hair days happen after spending time at the beach or walking around the pier. If you want to know how to wake up with beach waves, you'll want to try one of these three easy tricks to getting beach babe waves overnight.

Whether you want to try braiding your hair for soft and separated waves, or you're looking for texture with gentle twists, or even if you want to know how to get a high-volume beachy wave look, these pre-snooze hair styling tricks will do the work for you. With each different method, there are a few specific hair products that lend themselves especially well, whether by securing the styles at night or touching them up in the morning.

These wave-inducing hair formulas range from a tangle-free leave-in conditioner (made specifically for twisted topknots you can sleep in), to a frizz-fighting shampoo for wavy hair that will give you a soft and tousled end result, no matter how you're styling your waves. So, read on to learn the best tips for getting beach waves while you sleep — no sand or waves necessary.

For Overnight Braided Beach Waves

Prep: Mist Algae-Based Salt Spray on Damp Hair & Tousle

Sachajuan Ocean Mist, $22, Amazon

To prep, lightly mist damp (or dry) hair with fortifying algae-based extract sea salt texturizing spray, and gently run your fingers through your hair to create a piecey effect before braiding. Bridget Brager, LA Based celebrity and editorial hairstylist, recommended this volumizing sea salt spray to Mane Addicts because it's "light, buildable, and smells great." Bonus: This ocean mist's algae-based extracts feed your hair essential proteins and minerals to make it strong and healthy.

Next-Day Touch-Up: Spray Shine Mist To Eliminate Overnight Frizz

Fekkai Glossing Sheer Shine Mist Smooth Hair Products, $20, Amazon

Sometimes, depending on the type of material you have on your pillowcases (it's recommended that you always stick with silk for the best hair results), you can wake up to some extra frizz, fly-aways, or dryness. This lightweight shine mist restores lost brilliance with an olive oil infusion, which also absorbs UV light, after you've undone your braids in the morning. This mist is great to use on any hair type and it will give you the glossy effect all day long. One user gave this product five stars, saying, "I have a lot of hair, and this feels lightweight, definitely not greasy, but adds a nice, glossy finish."

For Overnight Twisted Beach Waves

Prep: Dry Wet Hair With Frizz-Reducing T-Shirt Towel

Duracomfort Microfiber Hair Towel , $13, Amazon

This soft microfiber T-shirt towel is a must for twisting beach waves, as it runs smoothly over every strand to absorb moisture faster than regular bath towels, which can cause frizzy breakage. Just lightly scrunch the bottom of your hair with this towel and squeeze out any excess water before twisting sections. Then, secure twists into a loose bun for your overnight style.

Spray Vitamin E Leave-In Conditioner On Twists, Then Pull Into Bun

Wet N Wavy Vitamin E Leave-in Conditioner , $15, Amazon

After you towel dry, lightly mist this vitamin E infused leave-in conditioner onto your hair to smooth out any tangles before twisting. It has a formula that smooths knots, adds softness, and defines wave patterns on any hair type. It also makes hair strong and eliminates dried-out, broken split ends. Reviewers say it "adds a nice shine and never becomes sticky."

Next-Day Touch-Up: Apply High-Volume Tapioca Starch to Roots

VERB Dry Shampoo, $11, Amazon

This absorbent dry shampoo will revamp any dull strands that were flattened overnight, giving extra boost and volume while wiping away any dirt or oils that creeped onto your scalp. What's the magic ingredient? Tapioca starch. Pro Tip: For the best results, apply this dry shampoo directly to your roots, rubbing it in lightly with your fingertips.

Theb, Run A Ceramic Flat Iron Over Twists For Staying Power

MHD Travel Size Mini Hair Straightener 0.5 Inch , $13, Amazon

Good Housekeeping suggests running a flat iron over twisted hair for added body in just two minutes. When you wake up, use this mini flat iron before taking our your elastics, if you want to make sure you've created the long-lasting waves you want. It's an ideal size for quick touch-ups on the go, and its ceramic plates keep hair shiny and silky (even after heat is applied to your strands).

For Overnight Top Knot Beach Waves

Prep: Cleanse Hair With Jojoba Oil Wave-Enhancing Shampoo

Frizz-Free Waves Shampoo for Waves, $10, Amazon

For the best wavy results when you shake out your topknot, set hair up to reach its fullest wave potential by cleansing with shampoo made specifically for waves. This UV- and color-protecting shampoo enhances wave shape and adds shine, all while fighting frizz with jojoba oil. One user with chemically treated hair loves how this shampoo makes her hair way less frizzy, never making it feel greasy when she steps out of the shower.

Spray Body-Boosting Kelp Formula For Frizz-Free Definition, Then Pull Hair Into Loose Bun

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, $9, Amazon

The Beauty Department blog suggests this texturizing sea salt spray for fine hair, as it creates way more volume than other texturizing sprays. With sea kelp and dead sea salt, your hair will have a great piece-y effect, which gives you the windblown surfer-chic look even before you pull your hair into an overnight bun. Users give this product high ratings across the board, with one even saying it makes her look "like I just left the beach."

Next-Day Touch-Up: Blow Dry With High-Volume Diffuser & Ionic Technology

Toni & Guy Professional Hair Dryer, Black/White, $23, Amazon

This quick-drying blow dryer is made with natural tourmaline gemstone to help reduce frizz and make your hair super shiny, soft, and completely manageable. Plus, it comes with a diffuser to give your waves an extra volume boost that lasts all day.

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