Blake Lively Just Had A Major Cinderella Moment

If you thought her Cannes Film Festival fashion was the best it could possibly be this year — just wait until you see Blake Lively's Slack Bay premiere dress. According to The Daily Mail, the actor walked the red carpet at the movie's premiere in Cannes, and it is by far her most princess-y fashion moment of all time. Like, really, because she looks like an actual Disney princess. Wait for it.

Lively has had her fair share of princess moments on the red carpet over the years, but her latest completely takes the cake. For the Slack Bay premiere on Friday, the 28-year-old channeled a modern day Cinderella, wearing a baby blue Vivienne Westwood gown that is maybe the greatest gown I've ever seen. I know that's a seriously bold statement, but this gown is something.

The ethereal gown had a sequin, floral embellished bodice, and tiers of cascading organza flounces on the skirt. It was Cinderella with a fun, modern twist — but the Disney vibes didn't stop there. Lively also channeled the princess by wearing her hair in an updo with a delicate headband. Though, to be fair, Cinderella's headband was blue, and Lively's is pink, so she's putting her own spin on it there.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you think this bodice is gorgeous, jut wait until you see what happens below.

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Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mic drop. Way to completely slay a red carpet. Check the hair and makeup up close:


So flawless. And total Cinderella vibes, right?

Blake wore it better. But this isn't the first time Lively has taken inspiration from Disney, her first look in Cannes drew inspiration from Esmerelda.

And sometimes, she even channels the villains:

But Cinderella is definitely her best look yet.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Let's just hope she can hold onto those gorgeous shoes better than Cinderella could.

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