Anne Hathaway's Hair Looks A Little Different

Everyone’s been too busy freaking out about The Devil Wears Prada cast reunion to even notice that the Andrea a.k.a. Andy we all know and love may have changed her hair, IRL. Did Anne Hathaway lighten her hair? It sure does seem like she has. I’ll have to admit, though, it was a little hard to notice the dye job through all of the dancing and screaming I was doing after seeing Emily Blunt and Hathaway reunited once again.

Hathaway couldn’t have looked more perfect for spring, though. Between her outfit and her hair, she was more than ready for the fun in the sun that she and her family have ahead of them. This Alice Through The Looking Glass event was her first appearance since having her baby, and she was absolutely glowing. So much so, that her lighter tips and short ‘do fit right in with the rest of her perfectly on-season look and almost went entirely unnoticed. Almost.

I seriously don’t think that there’s a single hairstyle that Hathaway couldn’t pull off. She’s rocked everything from short pixie cuts to longer styles, and this little bit of lighter caramel color is a welcomed addition to the tips of her hair, if you ask me. Given her willingness to experiment, I’m definitely not surprised by a choice to add a bit of lighter color to her look.

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Honey-colored hair sure looks good on her.

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She couldn't be more prepared for spring, could she?

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm loving the ombre effect they both have going on!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She wore a long, braided hairstyle right before having the baby.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just before that, she had short brown locks.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This 'do's definitely darker than the one she just sported. But, no matter what color or cut she's rocking, she never fails to look amazing.

It seems as though Hathaway's revamped her look just in time for warm, sunny weather, in keeping with her typical #HairGoals status.