Why Kylie's 'King K' Lip Kit Is A Summer Must-Have

On Friday, Kylie Cosmetics held another restock and launched a totally new shade, all of which sold out in classic Kylie Jenner fashion. "Exposed," her brand new, cool-toned brown was the first to go. But in my opinion, everyone should've been scrambling for "King K." Why is "King K" the must-have lip kit for summer? The metallic lipstick is so good in so many ways — wllow me to prove it to you.

Jenner launched her matte metallic lipsticks earlier this season, just in time for Coachella. The three shades are "King K," a bright, true gold, "Heir," a rose gold, and "Reign," a copper gold. The Internet, of course, went crazy. Jenner and co. have been hinting at metallic mattes since the first Kylie Jenner Lip Kit promotion images were launched, and these beauties didn't disappoint. Still, "King K" was one of the last shades to sell out to her 100,000-plus shoppers, according to Instagram, and I think that should change.

Why do I strongly believe in this not-so-popular metal lipstick? To me, "King K" is one of, if not the most, versatile and useful shades and formulations in the Lip Kit collection. Not only is "King K's" gold beautiful for the warmer summer months ahead, it also looks great on every skin tone.

King K, $18.00,

Still don't believe me? Here's my case for why "King K" is the must-have lip kit of summer.

1. It Goes With All Other Lip Kits

"King K" blends beautifully with other colors, especially the deep purple "Kourt K." Plus, using a lighter color on the center of your pout will create the illusion of fuller lips. This shade helps you add shine and shimmer to any lip look.

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2. It Makes Your Lips Appear Fuller

Like I said, lighter colors in the center of your lips make them appear larger. The light picked up and reflected from this shade also does the trick to making your pout appear bigger than it is.

3. It Makes A Gorgeous Eyeshadow, Highlighter, & Blush

We know that the trademark of an amazing product is its versatility. Jenner's Lip Kits can be used in a variety of ways: as eye shadow and liner, as faux freckles, and even as a blush. "King K" out does the rest because it can work as a highlighter as well! A product that can do that much is well-worth the $18.

Image: xodalia/Instagram