The 'Pretty Little Liars' Love Their Leopard Print

It is almost impossible to definitively calculate all of the leopard print on cult classic Pretty Little Liars . However, I think it's a safe statement to say that practically all of the leopard print on the is worn by Liar Aria Montgomery.

The costume designer certainly made Aria the edgier of the Liars with crazy prints, lots of leather, dark makeup, and huge bold earrings. She is also the smallest of the group, so high heels are often employed to continue the dark, sexy look that Aria has maintained throughout the show. The leopard print makes us associate Aria's style with a sort of fiercely feminine vibe in comparison to Spencer's preppy look, Emily's sporty look, and Hanna's "Barbie" look.

Yet, the girls have been known to mimic each other's elements of style from time to time. Hanna will don some athleisure, Emily will glam it up, Spencer will get a little edgy (remember when she wore the black hoodie?), et cetera. So all of the Liars have worn leopard at some point, and then some. Here is just about every time the print made an appearance on one of the characters.

1. Aria's Rainbow Leopard Dress

This dress packs a little punch into an otherwise pretty standard leopard print.

2. Aria's Leopard Tank

A younger flashback Aria layers a flowy leopard tank.

3. Aria's Red Leopard Skirt

Dark leopard makes this whole preppy top workable.

4. Aria's Turquoise Leopard Print Dress

Go out and make some bad decisions in teal leopard!

5. Aria's Blue Leopard Work Shirt

The belt makes this flowy leopard print shirt able to transition from day to night.

6. Aria's Studded Leopard Shirt

A classic creme leopard is accented by silver triangle studs for an edgier look.

7. Spencer's Actual Leopard Shirt

Spencer Hastings is wearing actual leopards on her shirt for a cool twist on the classic print.

8. Hanna's Sleeveless Leopard Top

Hanna's girlish looks are still intact because of the bow, but this is a little more Aria-esque than her normal outfits.

9. Mona's Turquoise Bejeweled Leopard Sweater

Mona's turquoise leopard sweater is just sweet enough to be work appropriate, but fierce enough to go out in.

10. Aria's Leopard Miniskirt

This leopard mini can pair with almost anything, but this look slays.

11. Aly's Leopard PJs

These leopard PJ's are ferociously comfortable.

12. Aria's All-Leopard Skinny Jeans

I'm seeing a bit of an obsession here, folks.

13. Emily's Leopard Jean Shirt

A softer leopard really works for Em.

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14. Hanna's Yellow Leopard Dress

This bold and striking dress is softened by the black Peter Pan collar. Still, not a usual Hanna thing.

15. Aria's Belted Leopard Summer Dress

Patterns, patterns, everywhere!

16. Aria's Red & Blue Leopard Top

Happy 4th of July?

17. Aria's Committed Leopard Look

Yes, Aria Montgomery is wearing a leopard print mini with a shirt with two actual leopards on it. Wows.

18. Emily's Grey Leopard Jacket

Subtle leopard works super well for Emily. Maybe Hanna should take a page from her book!

19. Aria's Leopard Trench

I think A could easily find her in this.

20. Aria's Casual Long Sleeved Leopard Sweater

Leopard is perfect for the holidays!

21. Aria's Orange & Blue Leopard Pencil Skirt

Season six Aria has revamped her leopard wardrobe and it looks a lot classier!

Images: The CW (21)