See Taylor Swift Channel Scary Spice

Ever since she shocked the world with her new hair color, she’s been experimenting with her style more than ever before. First, she went a few shades darker with her classic red lipstick, and then she started going in hard with the ‘90s trend. Her outfits are even beginning to look a little familiar, in a throwback kind of way. Taylor Swift channeled Scary Spice with her latest look. Because you can’t wear leopard print without immediately having flashbacks of Mel B.’s wardrobe, you know?

When it comes to fashion, T. Swift’s been telling us what she wants (what she really really wants) and that’s a full-on ‘90s revival. From chokers to velvet dresses, there’s no denying that Swift’s a product of the decade. Especially since she’s channeling everyone’s favorite 1990s girl band with this ensemble. She paired a black turtleneck with leopard-print shorts. See, what did I tell you — she’s a ‘90s kid for sure.

I have to admit, I’m feeling this Scary Spice thing she's got going on. Her look is strong, feminine and bringing back all of that major girl power the Spice Girls were all about. If you agree, then you obviously grew up during these years, too, and I certainly wouldn’t blame you for wanting to go back there, at least as far as your fashion is concerned.

The '90s never looked so good.

But, does her look remind you of anyone?

Yep, looks like her, all right. Umm, throwback, much, T. Swift?

Here's what you need to have your very own Scary Spice moment.

1. Black Turtleneck

Ribbed Mock Neck Top, $15.90, Forever 21+

A simple, trendy turtleneck will pair well with your leopard-print.

2. Leopard Print

Young Bohemians Drawstring Shorts In Leopard, $38, ASOS

A little leopard action is a must when recreating a Scary Spice look.

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3. Chunky Heels

Peep Toe Sock Boots, $62, ASOS

It just wouldn't be a nod to the 1990s without a pair of chunky heels.

4. Even More Leopard

Faux Fur Leopard Backpack, $40.80, Nasty Gal

T. Swift just carried a simple black bag with her look, but I can't think of anything more '90s (or Scary Spice worthy) than a leopard backpack!

So, there's the story from A to Z, if you want to dress like Mel B. you better follow those steps carefully. Now, get out there and be the very best Scary Spice you can be!

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