Kylie Jenner Shows Us How To Do Summer Goth

Wearing all-black everything is usually the easiest way to remain chic, until it's time for summer. Suddenly you're surrounded by pastels and neutrals and sweltering in the sun. But don't worry: The youngest Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has your back. Kylie Jenner wore all-black everything on her Instagram account yet again, posing candidly in what looks to be a walk-in closet while wearing head to toe black, surrounded by all black clothing, all black shoes, and holding four all-black garments. She's a summer goth princess in her natural habitat.

Jenner captioned the post from May 14, "When you just like the same things," taking a comedic view on her promotion of the all-black everything lifestyle. Of course, wearing black head-to-toe isn't a new thing for Jenner, or even for the rest of the Kardashian clan. The stylish squad knows that rocking one color palette always looks good. "If in doubt, wear black," is definitely a mantra they know.

By taking part in the all-black everything trend at this time of year, King Kylie is helping all summer goths feel more comfortable in their sartorial choices for the upcoming summer months. Because if Jenner is wearing all-black clothing in hot spring weather, so can anybody else. Take that, mom!

As mentioned, this is far from a first for Jenner. She's the ultimate reminder that all-black everything isn't just a look: It's a lifestyle.

Whether while relaxing and eating chicken, going smart casual while filming on Keeping Up With The Kardashians' green screens, or rocking the style on a night out in order to look drop dead gorgeous with seemingly little effort, all-black everything is a choice that not only looks great, but suits any situation.

So if you have any bright-color-loving friends you want to get off your black-clothes-loving back, or even if you're looking to convert a couple of rainbow stylers to the goth lifestyle, hopefully having the youngest Jenner on your side will help you make your case. And if your mom tries to force you into wearing something more chipper for the family barbecue, you can argue that all the cool kids are doing it.