Call It Spring's 'Alice' Collection Is On Point

With the premiere of Alice Through The Looking Glass hitting theaters on May 27, merchandise and collections based on the new Disney film have been springing up thick and fast. Shoe and accessory brand Call It Spring's Alice Through The Looking Glass collection is no exception, producing a limited edition 22-piece line of shoes and handbags, featuring six different footwear styles and three handbags in contrasting colors.

Part of the collection represents all things light, fluffy, and fairytale-esque, with pinks, florals, and silver detailing. The remaining products are all about the dark, all-black side of the story we see in Tim Burton's live action adaptations of the Alice In Wonderland world, featuring gold accents on black and morbid red hues.

With this combination of items, fans of the Alice Through The Looking Glass film can decide whether to side with the Alice's or the Red Queen's of the plot. After all, it's not entirely evil to adore Helena Bonham Carter's interpretation of the Red Queen. Personally, I've always found Disney villains entirely more stylish and fabulous than the heroes of the story.

For you, it might just be a simple case of preferring black over pink — something a lot of folks can relate to. Particularly in an era that champions all-black everything as the ultimate sign of chicness. Either way, there's definitely an item in this exclusive collection for everybody.

Galveston, $39.99,

Cake, $39.99,

The footwear line features different kinds of sandals available in sizes six through 11, including strappy, gladiator, and gillie options as well as three different bags: A heart-shaped clutch, a top handle bag, and an envelope clutch. It's a properly summery range that encompasses basic shoes and purses ideal for the season, as well as happily frivolous items that you might just really want.

Launching worldwide this week, the Alice Through The Looking Glass capsule collection is available both in stores and online at Call It Spring. But be quick, since the line is limited edition.

Priawet, $59.99,

Priawet, $59.99,

Whether we're talking about Disney themes or not, I love when a collection features one style in different colors. This way if you really love a piece, you can purchase it more than once and add a whole heap of versatility to your 'drobe.

Sure, it might be tricky to explain to those who don't adore accessories that you need two differently-colored heart-shaped bags, but I've got your back on this one.

Gaessi, $79.99,

Gaessi, $79.99,

All in all, the collection feels more than perfect considering the whimsical nature of Burton's Alice In Wonderland films.

Images: Courtesy Call It Spring