Gigi Hadid Proved She's Zayn Malik's Biggest Fan

While out and about on the weekend of May 14, a certain beloved model proved that she's boyfriend Zayn Malik's biggest fan. How so? Well, Gigi Hadid wore a Zayn Malik-inspired T-shirt while out with friends, letting everyone around her know that she's got the number-one-fan spot locked and loaded.

According to Teen Vogue, "[On May 14], Hailey Baldwin shared a snap of Gigi in her 'lol ur not Zayn Malik' tee." Decked out in lace-up pants, a signature black choker, and a simple white tee with the words scrawled across the chest like a grammar-free text message, Hadid achieved two things at once: She reminded those in the vicinity where her loyalties lie (I wonder if she has his posters taped up on her bedroom wall?), and looked hella chic doing it.

But as Teen Vogue pointed out, the tee isn't necessarily original. The slogan shirt actually started out with another One Direction member who wasn't Malik. "We've all seen those 'lol ur not [hot guy's name]' shirts. It appears they started with Harry Styles, so it only makes sense for there to be a Zayn Malik iteration, and for Gigi Hadid to wear it." Regardless of the top's origins, it's definitely a great example of fun fandom wear.

If we think back, this isn't the first time Hadid and Malik made waves over their relationship through T-shirts. Back in Jan. 2015, the model shared a Facetime snapshot of herself on Twitter, but it wasn't her face that got all the attention. Instead, it was the shirt she was wearing — or, more specifically, the logo emblazoned on it. According to MTV, it featured "the logo for the Bradford City Bantams, aka Zayn’s fave team." Back then, their relationship was only rumored, so the stolen tee gave us some hope.

If you want to give Hadid a run for her fandom, here are some cute Malik merch options that you can sport yourself.

1. This Graphic Tee

Zayn Graphic T-Shirt, $29.50,

Why go subtle? Sport two dozen floating heads to show where your allegiances lie.

2. A Sexy Phone Case

Fader Zayne, $25,

Imagine reaching for your phone and seeing a Malik brooding right back at you, with some orange juice dribbling down his chin.

3. An Artsy Phone Case

Flowery Zayn Malik, $25,

Or if you can't handle the frustration of an orange-juice-drinking Malik, go with this flowery version instead.

4. Gotta Zayn Tee

Zayn Malik Shirt , $12.95,

The T-shirt explains it all.

5. Your Two Combined Loves

Quote T-shirt, $15.75,

Have you ever heard a truer statement?

6. Return To Sender Tee

Fan-Girl T-Shirt, $17.95,

Fingers crossed this would actually work.

7. Minimalist Phone Case

Zayn Zquad Phone Case, $25,

Let your obsessive love show in the form of clean lines and minimalist fonts.

Arm yourself with these items, and prepare to give Hadid a fangirl battle.

Images: Hailey Baldwin Snapchat (1); Red Bubble (4); Etsy (3)