11 Fashionable Skorts That Will Kill Your Chub Rub

Feel limited to shorts in the summer months? While it's possible that you haven't come across a fashionable skort — or any skort — since the 1990s, that’s not to say they don’t exist anymore (or that they don't come with their own merits). Personally, I’m completely past purchasing overpriced and overrated lotions and potions to warn off the burn between my thighs that comes from walking across town in the scorching summer heat. Despite our best intentions, mini-skirts with bare legs, for many of us, can only mean one thing: chub rub.

My advice is not to dismiss skorts as an extra but breezy layer in the height of the summer heat. These nifty style solutions aren’t just a new way to dress your bottom half: The beloved skort can protect you from the bane of many of our lives that is some dreaded chub rub.

For those who have previously sworn by denim capris, shapewear, or even trousers and jumpsuits in the summer months just to protect their thighs, fear no more. There is a safe way to wear pleather, scuba, denim, and everything in between, whether you’re hiking to work or bracing the rush-hour subway train. No matter your personal style, aversion to anything above the knee, or the thickness of your thighs, I guarantee there’s a skort in this list for you. Here are my 11 favorites.

1. Subtle Details

Plus Size D-Ring Skort, $16, Forever 21

With a subtle D-Ring closure, this skort is an essential for any fashion lover trying to tackle chub rub. By keeping things simple, you're playing it safe and staying chic.

2. Super Suede

Bonded Suede Skort Nude, $37, Missguided

Ticking all the boxes for Kardashian style — nude, suede, fashionable — this skort is perfect for any KUTWK fan.

3. Copa Copacabana

Tropical Print Skort, $16, Boohoo

It's a less bright take on tropical print, just to help keep things cool this summer.

4. More Upmarket

Love Moschino Skort in Denim, $219, ASOS

If you love Jeremy Scott and you have more money than sense, these Moschino denim skorts will be perfect for you.

5. Casual Denim

Button Denim Skort, $21, Forever 21

This more casual take on the classic skort will feel just right for hanging out with friends and rolling down hills this summer.

6. It's A Wrap

Wrap Over Skort White, $25, Missguidedus

This cute white skort gives me total tennis vibes, just in time for Wimbledon 2016.

7. Grid Print

Check Skort, $10, Boohoo

Checkered and grid prints are always effortlessly cool and this skort only proves it.

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8. Floral Fun

Wrap Front Skort in Embroidered Floral, $85, ASOS

This embroidered skort shows how pretty embroidered detailing can be.

9. School Girl Chic

Pleat Front Skort, $13, Forever 21

The pleats on this skirt give it total '50s school girl vibes, but in the best Lolita way.

10. Scuba Style

Scuba Skort in Lilac, $25, Missguided

Scuba material is a fun way to break away from your usual clothing textures. Plus, that ruffle front is to die for.

11. Party Skort

Lashes of London Skorts in Jacquard, $20, ASOS

A baby pink jacquard skort that can pass as a mini? I'll take five.

Hopefully this array of skorts has changed your mind about the highly-underrated and misunderstood garment. I can't wait to bring this look back into my life and my wardrobe. It's truly the most stylish way you can fight chub rub.

Images: Courtesy Brands