15 Tiny Prom Purses Your Early 2000s Self Would <3

If you grew up in the early 2000s, you lived through the best (read: the most embarrassing) time for fashion. Acid wash flares, puffy prom dresses, and tiny purses for prom were basically all the rage. Looking back at photos from early 2000s proms, I can't help but cringe. Bad dresses, bad shoes, and bad spray tans all made an appearance. But hey, they were practically a rite of passage for Millennials.

I was an awkward pre-teen back then, but I was also lucky enough to watch my three older sisters get ready for their proms — picking out dresses that were so in style at the time and booking their hair and nail appointments. I'd picture myself as them, pulling out their gowns when they weren't home and dancing in the mirror to some classic tunes, like "Ride Wit Me" and "Get Low." You know, truly iconic songs.

The real star of the early 2000s prom look, though? The tiny purse. Like, the tinier the better. If you couldn't keep anything in there except a lip balm and maybe a $20 bill, then you were sorted. Forget your earrings, your necklace, and your shoes: The center of the show was the teeny, tiny (and very inconvenient) handbag.

You know what they say: Fashion is cyclical. This means everything from the early 2000s and '90s is so on trend right now. In honor of our awkward stages, I present to you: Tiny purses that our early 2000s selves would have killed for.

1. Glitter Action

Kate Spade New York Glitter Bug Cami Crossbody, $77.70,

Glitter anything is perfection.

2. The Reflection

Nila Anthony Flash Out Holographic Mini Bag, $42,

I'm all about anything that reminds me of the galaxy.

3. The Statement

Nicole Lee Fay Bold Studded Mini Tote, $49.95,

A little lip action never hurt anyone.

4. Textured Beauty

Anytime Mini Bag Mermaid Melbourne, $95,

I'm in love with this color, too.

5. Fringe Everywhere

Sam Edelman Camille Wristlet, $128,

BRB, buying this right now.

6. The Pearl Pouch

Florenta Vintage Pearl Pouch Bag, $140,

For when you want to get a little fancy.

7. The Crackle

ASTOR Metallic Crossbody Mini, $111.99,

Anything that's remotely shiny is a dream come true.

8. This Polka Dot Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Mab Mini Tote, $125,

I love me some neutrals.

9. The Pastel

Mini Fold Over Crossbody Bag, $55.99,

One can't go wrong with pastel pink.

10. The Mini Bucket

Mini Bucket Bag, $69,

The bucket bag is so hot right now.

11. The Mini Strap

Gabriella Rocha Isadora Mini Dome Purse with Poof, $42.99,

With a pom pom, too? Color me obsessed.

12. The Round Silhouette

Round Mini Cross Body Bag in Grey with Tassel, $11.95,

I adore this tassel.

13. The Faux Fur

Foley + Corinna Stardust Rabbit-Fur Mini Crossbody Bag, $108.50,

Just think of how soft this will be.

14. The Classic Mini

Baggu Mini Crossbody, $110,

With this outfit, this bag slays.

15. The Plastic

FURLA Jade Candy Bon Bon Mini Crossbody, $148,

You can't go wrong with a clear bag!

These days, formal really means semi-formal, and prom is all about the casual-cool accessories. If I had these beauties in the early 2000s, though, I would've been the flyest chick on the dance floor.