What To Know Before Getting Your Prom Makeup Done

It's prom season, and it's time to start prepping your beauty plan. Whether you're aiming for that Kylie Jenner glam or looking for a more subtle Gigi Hadid-inspired look, your makeup is just as important as your dress. The things you should know before you get your makeup done for prom may seem obvious to some, but they're definitely still important. Whether it's good skin care or using the right products, a lot of thought goes into what your look will be and how you'll achieve it.

While many ladies do their own prom makeup, just as many choose to get their makeup done professionally. However, even though you'll have an expert available at your appointment, there are things you should discuss with your makeup artist and things to know before going in to your appointment. With multiple options of makeup looks, lots of potential skin care prep work, and a gazillion photos your parents are sure to snap, making sure your look is as flawless as Beyonce is imperative.

Whether its the moisturizer you'll be using the week before, the proper way to remove your makeup post-prom, or what types of products and tools you want your makeup artist to use, being informed is the best thing you can do. So what are the things you should know before getting your makeup done for prom?

1. Book Ahead of Time

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Just like you, others at your school and other schools in the area will be booking their makeup sessions. You'll want to plan ahead and book in advance.

2. Have A Look In Mind

Whether you want a dark smoky eye or a more neutral look, knowing what you want before your appointment is a great idea. Communication is key when it comes to your makeup artist.

3. Talk About SPF

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Between the professional photos being taken for prom or the ones your parents will be snapping, the likelihood of flash being involved is high. Flash can easily create a flashback in pictures that can completely wash out. Bring this up with your makeup artist if it's a concern so you can find one that will look great no matter the camera lighting.

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4. Prep Your Skin

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Be sure to keep your pre-prom skin care in mind before you get prom makeup done. While makeup artists are incredibly talented, having a great base will make your face look even more flawless.

5. Understand Your Skin Type

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Dry? Oily? Combination? You'll want to let your makeup artist know what your skin type is. It will greatly affect the product he or she decides to use on your face.

6. Wear A Button-Up Shirt

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This one may seem obvious, but wearing a top that you have to pull over your head is a recipe for disaster. Instead, wear a button-down shirt that you won't need to worry about pulling over your fresh face.

7. Be True To Your Style

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While something dramatic is great for prom, be true to your style. Don't be so concerned about having an Instagram-worthy makeup that will leave you fidgeting the whole night. Do you, girl!

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