This Condom Company Knows What You Want In a Man

"Good men know how to love. And f**k." Right from the opening line, you'll surely be totally charmed by L. Condoms's newest ad. And once you learn a little more about what kind of work the company is doing, you'll be all over the online store.

First off, a word of warning: watching this video will make you ache all over for a camping trip with a studly man friend. The advertisement shows a "good man" who's not afraid to challenge traditional ideas of masculinity. He drinks scotch and chops wood, but he also bandages a puppy's paw and plants flowers. "Good men aren't takers, they're givers," L. Condoms tells us. "Good men know sex isn't about conquering women. It's about always making it worth her while." Amen.

The company globally supports women's sexual empowerment and HIV/AIDs protection, and for each condom purchased, it distributes a condom to a developing country. And if you weren't already loading up your online cart with a crate of these rubbers, know that the condoms are also made with natural latex and are glycerin- and paraben-free. Oh, and they're also biodegradable, and made from recycled materials. Bottom line? "Good men give a f**k, so you should too."

Image: L. Condoms/YouTube