These 11 Photos of Awesome Winter Phenomena Remind Us That Snow Can Be Kinda Pretty...I Guess

With the impending return of the Polar Vortex, it's become pretty clear that this snow isn't going anywhere. Though we could sit here and complain about all the reasons why snow sucks and talk about how it's time to move somewhere warm, let's stay positive instead! Let's think of all the reasons to adore snow — such reasons exist, I swear! You have to admit, those drifts of fluffy flakes are really beautiful before you have to shovel or commute in the stuff.

Snow and ice create beautiful landscapes, crazy natural wonders, and weird weather phenomena. So pour some hot cocoa, snuggle up next to the fireplace, and soak in the beauty and wonder that is the snow.

by Jessica Molinari

Frozen Waves in Antarctica

Waves don’t remain fluid for long in the frigid temperatures of Antarctic waters. These waves froze mid-crest.

Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

If you want to see this natural wonder for yourself, you better go soon. The Mendenhall Ice Caves formed because a glacier is melting, and as it continues to melt, forests that have been glazed over for thousands of years are uncovered.

Striped Icebergs in Antarctica

Icebergs come in many different colors — the hues and patterns are formed by a combination of the minerals in the water and wind erosion. You can spot these natural wonders in Antarctica.

Image: flygirljc777/Flickr

Ice Chandelier

These sparkly icicle formations, which can exist out in nature or form from the gutter of your house, wouldn’t look out of place hanging in the foyer of a swanky mansion.

Frost Flowers

These tiny ice sculptures can only be found in the ocean as the seawater begins to freeze. As the water vapor comes off the surface of the ocean it refreezes and forms a small blossom on the top of the water. When they begin to form it looks as if a garden is springing out of nowhere.