7 Alternatives For Ariana's Chic Chanel Sunnies

So, you might have heard that Ariana Grande's "Let Me Love You" music video dropped today just a few days before her new album Dangerous Woman comes out. For her latest video, the singer called on rapper Lil Wayne to appear in the stylish and sultry clip. But aside from the two hitmakers, there's another part of the video that totally steals the spotlight — Ariana's vintage Chanel glasses — and they are fabulous.

Grande even mentioned her white Chanel sunnies in an Instagram post teasing the "Let Me Love You" video. She called this pair her "favorite glasses in the world" and gave a shout-out to AMORE, a Japanese boutique specializing in vintage pieces. Well, at least that solves the mystery of where she got her fierce specs from. Being that it's a vintage piece, however, it might be a little difficult to find the exact same pair of Chanel logo frame sunglasses. And even if you did, well, just be prepared to drop some serious cash.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to Grande's vintage Chanel sunglasses that aren't costly. Because her round specs is such a statement look, it's probably better to get something that you won't spend a lot of money on, especially if they're not really your style (don't fret, there are plenty of sunglasses that look good on everyone).

Here are seven alternatives to shop that are just as cute!

1. White Frames

Gradient Round Sunglasses, $6, Forever 21

These sunnies have the same shape and color as Ari's, without the designer price tag.

2. Spec Appeal

A.J. Morgan "Clique" 50mm Round, $24, Nordstrom

You can take a more modern approach to her Chanel sunglasses with these two-tone specs.

3. So Retro

Monki Retro Round Sunglasses, $16, ASOS

You've just died and gone to retro sunglasses heaven.

4. Mod Inspired

Utopia Sunglasses, $20, Giant Vintage

Groovy and attention-grabbing.

5. Jeweled Frames

Obsessed Shades Paris Pearl Glam Round Sunglasses, $45, Etsy

Here's a replica of Rihanna's Chanel sunglasses from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show a few years ago.

6. Classic Rock

What Goes 'Round Sunglasses, $12, ModCloth

These John Lennon-inspired sunnies are badass.

7. Thick Frames

Pandora Round Sunglasses, $16, Urban Outfitters

One word: CHIC.

Images: Courtesy of Brands