Where To Buy Gigi's Zayn Malik T-Shirt

Millennial couples have come up with several ways to show that they're in love —from declaring their significant other as their #WomanCrushWednesday or #ManCrushMonday, or making it official by changing their Facebook status to "In a relationship." Taking things a step further, Gigi Hadid wore a "lol ur not zayn malik" t-shirt over the weekend and pretty much confirmed that her heart belongs to the "Pillowtalk" pop star. Tres sweet!

Hadid was in New York City on May 15, leaving a Saturday Night Live after-party, when she was photographed wearing the Malik-inspired shirt. The model paired her white tee with cropped black leather pants, metallic pumps, and Hadid's fave accessory: the '90s choker. Aside from co-starring in Malik's solo music video debut and their red carpet appearance at the Met Gala earlier this month, the young couple hasn't talked much about their relationship to the press. But Hadid's "lol ur not zayn malik" t-shirt is sending a clear message. By her saying that there's no one like Malik means that things are getting serious between the two (even though the t-shirt itself is pretty cheeky).

Malik was equally amused by the tee bearing his name and posted a photo of Hadid wearing it:

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While the rest of us are neither Zayn Malik or dating him, we can at least wear the same shirt as Gigi Hadid.

lol ur not zayn malik T-shirt, $24.80,

Climb on board the Zayn t-shirt train.

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