We Bring You Harvard's 15 Hottest Freshmen

Did you hear that the Polar Vortex (apocalypse) is coming back? Quick! To the store to stock up on microwavable snacks and throw blankets before it's too late! Or, you could always just bookmark this list of Harvard’s "15 Hottest Freshman," brought to you by Fifteen Minutes , The Harvard Crimson’s weekly entertainment magazine.

After taking a poll, the student-produced magazine ran a story last week spotlighting 15 of the “hottest” students in Harvard's Class of 2017. I know what you’re thinking. Sure, at first it looks like just another story about attractive Ivy League college freshman, but there’s something suspicious their filter-free hotness... it’s on another level. What do we even know about these “third degree burn” inflicting humans (if they even are human)? When did they become aware of their other-worldly hotness? And more importantly, do they like Jennifer Lawrence as much as we do?

Luckily, Fifteen Minutes interviewed them. It turns out, they’re just like us...sort of. Yes, they have dreams, they work out, and they even think J. Law is cool. Everything seems normal, except that one of them admitted his ideal date would be a “recreation of Kanye West’s ‘Bound 2’ music video.” Something’s wrong with this picture (metaphorically speaking, obviously they look flawless).

Image: Harvard University/Facebook