Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop Comes In Cream Form

by May Sofi

If you thought the news of the Jaclyn Hill X BECCA Champagne Glow palette was exciting, just wait until you hear what else the duo has in store for you. As it turns out, the cosmetics brand and the YouTube star are launching an entire Champagne Collection, and it goes way beyond just the face palette that was announced last week. The vast collection has tons of star quality products, but the Champagne Pop in poured Crème is the real standout, at least IMO. So, how much is the Jaclyn Hill X BECCA Champagne Pop in Poured Crème?

The cosmetics label and the beauty guru decided to reinterpret their mega-popular Champagne Pop highlighter, reformulating it into a variety of different makeup products — because why on earth not? If the highlighter gained a cult-like following, it's more than likely that the rest of the Champagne-inspired collection will too. The line is widely extensive, including a face palette, eyeshadow palette, a liquid version of Champagne Pop, and of course, the poured crème form of Champagne Pop. The Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Crème takes highlighting to a whole new level, creating a subtle and sophisticated glow that has become a signature part of this longstanding collaboration.

So just how much is that iconic #BeccaGlow going to cost you? You can snag a piece of the shimmery action for $38, and while that's not exactly dirt cheap, it's not wildly expensive either, especially considering the quality you're getting.

Champagne Pop in a cream texture? It's genius.

With a collection as gorgeous as this, you'll get that faux glow in no time.

Who wouldn't want to look this radiant and luminous?!

The full Champagne Collection launches May 26th on