11 Tattoo Ideas for Quirky People

People get inked up for a plethora of reasons, whether it's to remember someone, remind them of an ideal, or express their personality. While all tats are pretty cool, there are really fun tattoos to get if you have a quirky style. You know who you are: That person that likes to clash patterns as much as they do like to clash decades. They're the ones that aren't afraid of color and are always up to dabble in a new trend, no matter how weird. You're the person that owns flamingo-shaped sunglasses and doesn't shy away from a bold lip color. While your vibe might not be for everyone, you wear it loud and proud and embrace your weirdness. Because being weird is what makes each of us interesting and ourselves.

So it would make sense that if you had a quirky personal style, you'd opt for more "out there" tattoos. While you wouldn't say no to a classic piece (who doesn't love a rose, right?) the quirky works of art are where they're at. And there are so many brilliant illustrations to choose from! Below are just a few, but if you're in the market for a tattoo, this will give you some inspo. Below are 11 quirky tattoo ideas.

1. The Cat Eye

Skip the evil eye and instead be protected by the almighty Cat Eye.

2. Catch Constellations

Choose your favorite spot in the sky and tat it onto your body. Can't get anymore poetic than that, right?

3. The-Boy-Who-Lived Inspired

If you grew up untangling the story over how Voldemort survived his backfired curse, and spent evenings waiting for your own owl to swoop in through the kitchen window, then this tattoo just might be for you.

4. Reach Out Your Hands

How many times have you seen a back-of-the-foot tattoo? It's original, and the idea of hands reaching for flowers and herbs is so interesting and whimsical.

5. Sprigs Between Your Cleavage

This is feminine and quirky all at the same time.

6. Geometric Mandalas

It's hard not to get mesmerized over how beautiful this is. It might be bold and big, but it makes a gorgeous statement.

7. Harry Potter Nods

So you're never left out in the dark without a light. And so you're never not thinking about Harry Potter, because that book will stick with us till we're 95. #hardcorefans.

8. Pinup Ideas

Channel your inner sailor and opt for a retro pinup girl on your body. This one is especially fun because you just catch her diving into the water, half in and half out. Who wouldn't want a strong femme fatale on their arm!

9. Skull It Up

Add skulls and cross bones to your body, but in a more playful, quirky way. Leave the intimidating stuff to the Sons of Anarchy and instead go with this cartoon-like look.

10. Show Your Love For Your Cat

This one is for every Cat Mom and Dad that's obsessed with their Mr. Whiskers or Elton. Put that little guy in a heart and right on your body, where he belongs.

11. Artsy Doodles

Tattoos don't always have to mean something. Sometimes it's enough just to appreciate art for its creativity, beauty and inventiveness. This drawing is a case in point of that.

So whether you choose something that means a great deal to you or just something that reflects your personality, there are so many great, quirky tats to choose from!

Images: monjurka/Instagram