BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Eye Shadow Swatches Are Here

This is the one collaboration that’s going to make your summer so much better, as far as beauty is concerned. BECCA Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill have teamed up and are delivering highlighters and blushes that will bring color and shimmer to your cheeks. They've even created a palette to make your eyes pop, too! You’ve got to see the swatches of the Champagne Collection Eye Shadow Palette because they are to die for.

Break out the bubbly and settle in with your computer because you’re going to be staring at these shadows for a long while. Offering both sparkly and matte finishes, this palette packing a little bit of everything. It contains a super light and shimmery cream color all the way to a deep plum color. So, in terms of color scheme, there’s a wide range considering the palette only contains five different shades.

Whether you want a light and fun kind of eye shadow look or a more dark and dramatic one, you can get it with these shadows. It’s definitely the only palette that’s going to bring all of the champagne fun to accompany your strong highlight, and that’s why this is the only set of makeup you’ll need this summer.

Get a load of these gorgeous shades. This is everything you could want from an eye shadow palette.

Sparkling or matte, the gang's all here.

Let's get close up look at those colors, shall we?

This collection packs major shine power.

That's why it's pretty much everything your beauty routine could ever need.

Images: beccacosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy Becca Cosmetics (1)